EY1 Field Trip to the Siam Insect Zoo Museum

On Monday, 27 May, the EY1 class had its first field trip to the Siam Insect Zoo Museum in Mae Rim. This trip was organised to align with the students’ interest in the characteristics of living things, a topic explored in our “Sharing the Planet” unit. Their curiosity had been evident during walks to the Farm and Forest School.

The EY1 class departed from school at 8:30 a.m. Upon arrival at the museum, the children participated in an educational activity on the butterfly life cycle. They learned about it and had the opportunity to colour representations of each stage. The students toured the museum and observed various insects, including butterflies, beetles, mosquitoes, and geckos from different countries.
The museum provided a tactile learning experience, allowing the children to touch and smell some animals at the museum. They interacted with live animals such as iguanas, tarantulas, and stick insects. The trip ended with EY1 having their snacks at the museum. When EY1 was asked about their favourite part of the trip, the students expressed their excitement about releasing butterflies into the butterfly farm and touching tarantulas.

Julia Simhony
Early Years 1 Teacher

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