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Academic Section

The winter term in the Academic Section encourages our students both inside the classroom, and outside on the ski pistes. We try to get as close to bilingualism without hindering the students progression in their chosen curriculum, whether that be the official French or English curriculum.

At Préfleuri we recognise that the balance between emotion, health and academic development are interlinked. Small classes and a family atmosphere enable us to know each child individually, maintaining a balanced programme for each child’s optimal learning.  As with every term, we continue to inspire, motivate and challenge each students to be the very best they can be.


Ski Race Academy

The Prefleuri Ski Race Academy hit the slopes for the first time this winter.  The head coach, Celine Arnold, has created an intensive programme on and off the slopes to develop their racing skills both mentally and physically.
We’re so proud of these dedicated students who are not only learning to ski race but are also fostering positive life skills such as resilience, determination, stamina, and confidence.


Summer Camps 2019: New adventures for everyone!

Registration is now open for our superb summer camp. We invite you to visit our web site and discover our new theme weeks incorporating the latest technology like: ” how can I pilote a drone” and more…
Do not wait too long to register your child as some of the weeks are already quite busy.


We look forward to answering your questions and spending a fantastic summer with your children.

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