Diversity—Why We Prioritise a Multicultural Learning Environment!

Diversity in schools, more specifically in high schools, is an increasingly important topic. As we can now easily connect with people and places from countries and cultures all across the planet, our children have the luxury of being exposed to more cultures, more social differences, and more unity.

Diversity was once seldom discussed or present within most schools. Fortunately, now as a society, we realise how diversity can play an important role in your child’s learning and future experiences.

Why Diversity Matters, Especially at School

Having a rich diversity within your school can help prepare students for not only their future educational paths but their future careers as well. Interacting, studying, and building friendships with students from around the world opens their eyes, hearts, and minds to new perspectives and new ways of doing things.

This makes a transition into a very international workforce that much easier.

Merrick Preparatory School, for example, has cultivated a diverse school body. This has allowed us to genuinely see and be a part of something truly remarkable. This past year our student population consisted of 17 nationalities from all corners of the globe. One of our classes (grade 9) had 7 students, and each student was from a different country! It was such an incredible experience for our young students.

 387_img1_Diversity-importance-of-learing-in-multicultural-school Why Our Multicultural Environment is So Important | World Schools
A diverse student community leads to greater multicultural understanding

We noticed that diversity encouraged education, both inside the classroom and outside. How does diversity encourage education you may ask? It’s simple: students began to ask more questions in an effort to understand the different beliefs and viewpoints of students from other cultures. It also helps eliminate a lot of false judgments and encourages students to focus on educated opinions.

International Day

Merrick Preparatory School hosts an International day every year. We invite our community to come into our school and learn about each country our students represent. Our students are able to make impressive displays depicting their countries and heritages. The best part is always when they share some of their traditional delicious foods!

At Merrick Preparatory School, we strive to create an environment where all of our students are valued and all students can learn from each other making diversity, not something we do, but something that we are.

Written by Justin I. (Recruitment Officer at MPS)

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