Decoding the Da Vinci Programme

Discover how CGA’s Da Vinci Programme, with its world-class teachers and renowned curriculum is designed to cater to your child’s unique academic journey. From tailored subject selection to flexible scheduling and personalized classes, we’ll explore why this programme is perfect for students wanting to accelerate their education.

What is the Da Vinci Programme?

The Da Vinci Programme is an exceptional educational opportunity that empowers students aged 8 to 18 years to personalize their learning journey. By selecting subjects of their choice and studying them in-depth with dedicated Da Vinci instructors, students can progress at a pace that suits their individual needs and preferences. This flexible programme caters to students with busy schedules and those who prioritize flexibility, as well as those with specific learning needs and unique knowledge gaps that require a customized timeline or learning pace.

At CGA, The Da Vinci Programme combines experienced teachers and high-quality curriculum, while also allowing students to tailor their schedules to accommodate their other commitments. This makes for an ideal solution for CGA families who prioritize flexible learning options.

Standard Classroom Time* 1-1 Da Vinci Time**
150 hours 50 hours***
*Guided learning hours recommended
by CIE per subject in a classroom **For the same curriculum, in a 1-1 setting
***Subject to student performance

How does it work?

  1. Tailored Subject Selection
    Students meet with an Admissions Officer to determine best-fit subjects and level.
  2. Flexible Lesson Scheduling
    Students let us know their availability and preferred frequency of lessons – usually 1-2 lessons a week.
  3. Matched for Learning
    Once a student signs up for this program, a suitable instructor is found and connected with the student through the Crimson App to start their learning journey. This experienced instructor is carefully matched to meet the student’s requirements in terms of availability and expertise.
  4. Personalised tutorials
    The student and the instructor then meet on a 1-1 basis over an average of 50 hours* per subject, during which the instructor covers the curriculum.
  5. Homework & revision
    Instructors set homework for each student on a weekly basis to help them navigate their while revising concepts taught during sessions.
  6.  Track progress
    Constructive feedback based on regular tests and assessments will be shared with students and their families, to help students be prepared for the external exam.

Who can The Da Vinci Programme benefit?

The Da Vinci Programme offers a flexible and customized solution to meet the unique needs of students seeking to accelerate their studies, catch up on content, or balance their pre-professional pursuits with academics. Unlike traditional classroom settings where the pace is set for a group of students, the Da Vinci Programme empowers students to work at a pace that aligns with their individual commitments.

Students wanting to accelerate their studies

There are many students who want to learn more advanced content or different subjects from what’s offered at school but simply don’t have much spare time! Da Vinci fits in with the student’s schedule and can help students create academic profiles for top university admission or get a big head start on future school years.

Students who are catching up or repeating content

For students who have fallen behind due to illness, social environment or learning challenges, revising the content from their current school year with a tutor does not properly address the gaps. With Da Vinci, a student can condense two years of curriculum into a single year in core subjects like Maths or English to build up their confidence and academic scores at school or students can use Da Vinci to switch curriculums if the final years of school have been interrupted.

Pre-professional students

Athletes, musicians, actors who do not have time for long school days but who still value academic achievement. The Da Vinci program will work around their schedule and prepare them for exams within internationally rigorous curriculum.

Why choose the Da Vinci Programme?

The Da Vinci Programme offers a perfect fit for students with busier schedules or a need for flexibility in their education. It is also an ideal option for students who have specific learning needs with unique knowledge gaps, requiring a customized timeline or pacing. So what else makes it special?

  1. Personalized learning
    1:1 teaching tailored to meet each student’s individual needs. By eliminating social distractions, the programme creates an environment conducive to focused learning.
  2. Local timetable for a global school
    Flexible schedule to fit the schedule of the student and provide learning as needed.
  3. Recognized qualification
    Student is still considered a CGA student, and gets their degree from a registered high school.
  4. Enriched extracurriculars
    Clubs at CGA are focused on developing interests, and shaping young leaders with skills needed to succeed. All clubs pursue a project-based outcome or participation in an elite global competition.

CGA Da Vinci delivers the expertise of experienced instructors and upholds the curriculum quality expected from CGA, while allowing students to personalize their schedules based on their other commitments.

Being a part of this highly individualized and academically excellent programme not only saves students time but also provides opportunities for socializing, acquiring additional skills, pursuing hobbies, or simply enjoying quality time with friends and family.

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