Creating a Positive Impact: The Cambodia Volunteering Program

During the summer season, we successfully ran our volunteering program in Cambodia. This remarkable experience was led in partnership with Sauce and the Prefecture of Battambang, and 28 students had the opportunity to join the program. They collaborated with a renowned NGO in one of the most economically challenged countries worldwide. Moreover, the students had the privilege of immersing themselves in a completely different culture.

Throughout the program, the students actively participated in a diverse range of activities, including gardening, farming, and rice planting efforts. They assisted in education and social programs designed specifically for children with disabilities and landmine victims, playing a key role in house construction projects, actively contributing to the improvement of living conditions alongside the local communities.

Our students not only contributed to meaningful projects but also gained profound insights into the challenges faced by communities in Cambodia. The experience served as a catalyst for personal growth and cultural appreciation, leaving a lasting impact on both the participants and the communities they worked with.

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