Copperfield Education joins the Dukes Family

We are excited to announce that the founders and owners of Copperfield have decided to partner with Dukes Education Group to realise our vision of a world-class education in an epic mountain setting. This is great news for the Copperfield community.

As you know, our vision is to create a leading international school in a location that is both inspiring and safe. While the founding team was able to commence this innovative educational mission with the passionate support of our colleagues and families, it has been clear to us since inception that for Copperfield to fulfil its incredible potential, we needed to partner with a family of schools possessed of experience, scale and close alignment with our values.

This search began in January 2021 and took us to three continents, into the ancient halls of famous schools and the plush offices of financial institutions. We were not going to settle for anything less than the ideal partnership. And so it was that we met Aatif Hassan, the Founder and Chairman of Dukes Education Group.

Aatif’s passion for the transformational power of education, and his commitment to educational quality and student wellbeing was clear. Aatif has created a family of schools with a mission sympathetic to that which brought you to trust your child to Copperfield, and Dukes decided to bring Copperfield into their family.

Including Copperfield, Dukes has 45 teams operating across 62 settings, supporting more than 8,500 pupils and over 2,500 staff.

There is mutual respect between the Copperfield and Dukes families for what they will learn from each other and Copperfield is only the second international school in Europe for Dukes. Both the founders of Copperfield and Dukes have a common set of values, vision and purpose, and we are excited by the tremendous potential for Copperfield to grow with the benefit of Dukes’ world-class people, reputation and infrastructure.

Dukes is an exciting, innovative organisation with pupils, students and teachers at its heart. It is a family united by a strong common purpose: to give young people an outstanding start in life. With their partnerships, they have provided a gentle hallmark of quality to the schools, nurseries, colleges and educational services that they have integrated into their education group.

Students at Copperfield will benefit enormously from international exchange and holiday camp opportunities, as well as sports competitions. Dukes has superb career counselling, internship and college counselling experience and platforms for children wishing to go to universities in the US, Europe or the UK. Teachers will gain access to the world-class leadership and professional development offerings of Dukes. Parents with children at Copperfield stand to benefit from a huge network of like-minded families and learning opportunities through the Dukes community.

Within the Dukes family of schools, Copperfield will maintain its name into the future. International-mindedness, academic standards, and – above all – kindness are important pillars of the education we offer at Copperfield and all this will continue under the guidance of the Dukes Family. We are sure that Copperfield will be a flagship in Europe for the Dukes Education Group and the leadership team at Copperfield is looking forward to leading Copperfield into the next chapter of its life as part of the Dukes family!

Copperfield x Dukes Education Copperfield x Dukes Education Copperfield Education joins the Dukes Family

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Copperfield International School Verbier

Copperfield International School Verbier

Copperfield Verbier is the world’s only ski-in, ski-out international school, located in the Swiss alpine village of Verbier. Our vision is to educate students who are globally-minded, compassionate, confident, and kind. Copperfield students will be academically skilled; fluent in multiple languages; accomplished writers and communicators; artistically driven and knowledgeable; scientifically aware and trained; emotionally resilient; physically fearless; generous of spirit and skill; leaders who also know how and when to follow. Above all else, Copperfield students will be designers of their own lives and of a better world for others.

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