Congratulations to Lakefield College School’s Class of 2022: Post-Secondary Destinations

Every graduating class tells a story. This year, the story of Lakefield College School’s Grads can be illustrated with a few words: ambition, perseverance, and confidence.

The combination of destinations, program choices, and sheer number and breadth of post-secondary school applications reveals LCS students’ individual strengths, values, and ambitions. Lakefield College School’s Class of 2022 persevered through the trials of completing two-thirds of their high school career during a pandemic, which included learning in a variety of new ways—remote, hybrid, masked, restricted by cohort, and everything in between. As a result, they have become more flexible, nimble, resilient, and confident. It is this confidence in their decisions about what passion to pursue and where to follow it that is perhaps most noteworthy and worth celebrating.

The Class of 2022 is to be congratulated on receiving over 450 offers of admission across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe! This year’s graduating class has received offers totalling over $1.4 million in scholarship awards to date, a testament to their strength and academic potential.

 995-img1-Congratulations-to-lcs-class-of-2022-post-secondary-destinations Congratulations to Lakefield College School’s Class of 2022: Post-Secondary Destinations

Interestingly, despite securing admission to top institutions across the globe, including Johns Hopkins in the U.S., St. Andrews University in Scotland, and multiple offers from the University of California system, many of Lakefield’s Grads chose to remain close to home. Just over 75 percent of the graduating class is opting to study within Canada. And while most of these schools are located in Ontario, with the University of Toronto as the top destination, graduates will be spread across the country, studying from coast to coast.

Dalhousie University and the eastern provinces are the area of choice for 22 percent of the Class of 2022, while another 12 percent are heading to the University of British Columbia (an increasingly competitive institution), on the west coast.

 995-img2-Congratulations-to-lcs-class-of-2022-post-secondary-destinations Congratulations to Lakefield College School’s Class of 2022: Post-Secondary Destinations

Beyond Canada, both the United States and Europe remain popular destinations for LCS students. South of the border, students will attend New York University (New York, New York), Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), MICA (Baltimore, Maryland), Wesleyan (Middletown, Connecticut), Purdue (West Lafayette, Indiana), as well as UCLA (Los Angeles, California), and the University of California San Diego (San Diego, California).

Across the pond, IE University in Spain, and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands represent European destinations this year. While many students had to make difficult choices deciding amongst offers from top institutions, it’s clear that those who are off to study at the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh, King’s College London and others in the U.K. will embrace the academic rigour and unique opportunities that lie ahead.

 995-img3-Congratulations-to-lcs-class-of-2022-post-secondary-destinations Congratulations to Lakefield College School’s Class of 2022: Post-Secondary Destinations

The combination of strengths, talents, and convictions of this year’s graduating class is also visible in their program choices. While the majority of Grads want to pursue studies in the Arts and the Sciences, there is an equal split between the two, and the variation among unique programs includes everything from War Studies, International Relations and International Development to Kinesiology, Environmental Science, and a large proportion seeking to study Health, Life, and Medical Sciences.

The final third of the Class of 2022 is composed of students heading off to study Engineering, Commerce, and Design programs, the latter of which includes Architecture, Fashion Design, Animation, Fine Arts, Digital Media and Communication Science. With such dynamic interests, it’s easy to see that Lakefield College School Grads are going to make positive, significant and lasting contributions that will enrich all areas of society.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

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