Community Service at MPS

At Merrick Preparatory School we are very proud of our students as they actively volunteer in and around our incredible community. Although it is a requirement that they must engage in 40 hours of community service in order to obtain their Ontario High School Diploma requirement, our students continually go above and beyond. They genuinely become part of our community by giving back to those who require a helping hand.

Children who love to read are children who succeed. kids_love_to_read Community Service at MPS | World Schools

On average, a student at MPS completes 30-40 hours of community service every year. While they provide service throughout the community, they emerge into more confident and compassionate individuals who feel at home in our charming village. Through interactions with community members our students fine tune their communication and social skills while almost always gaining a new skill set. It is truly a unique experience that many cherish long after they graduate.

Here are some of the places our students have volunteered at:
1. Merrickville Jazz Festival
2. Kemptville Christmas Parade
3. Merrickville Christmas Parade
4. Christmas Holiday Train, Merrickville
5. Theatre Night in Merrickville
6. Royal Canadian Legion, Merrickville
7. Christmas in Merrickville
8. United Church, Merrickville
9. Remembrance Day, Merrickville
10. Classic Car Show, Merrickville
11. School Expo, Merrickville
12. Kemptville 73’s Hockey Game, Kemptville
13. Pancake Dinner, Merrickville
14. Merrick Preparatory School Open House
15. Tutoring, Merrickville
16. Translations/Translating, Merrickville
17. Various Assistance to Neighbours – eg: Moving, Merrickville
18. Legion Parade, Merrickville
19. Garage Sale, Merrickville
20. Merrickville Heritage Classic Run, Merrickville
21. Terry Fox Run, Merrickville
22. Connected By Canoe, Merrickville
23. EID Celebrations, Ottawa
24. In from the Cold, Parkdale United Church, Ottawa

So, what do our students say about their volunteering experience?

Rishi from Zambia:
“I have never done any volunteering services back home in Zambia as it is not a requirement for anything. Ever since I joined Merrick Preparatory School, I was immediately introduced to a new and very exciting activity that I could add to my list of life experiences. That activity was volunteering in the community of Merrickville. I have participated in a variety of volunteering services beginning with my first being on Remembrance Day.

The volunteering services that I enjoyed the most was my first service on Remembrance Day and Christmas in Merrickville. I have enjoyed these services the most because my first service enabled me to understand the culture and beliefs of the country that I will be spending most of my time achieving my post secondary education. The Christmas in Merrickville festival was a fun time too because it enabled me to talk to local residents and learn more about the country I will be living in for the next couple of years and also to share my experiences of home to them. This made me feel welcome as the residents had interest in how it is back home and welcome me with warm hearts into their own country.

Another aspect of volunteering is that you bond more with the people you are volunteering with as Merrick Preparatory School is known for their multicultural society and students from all around the world.

Volunteering provides the best time for us students to share our different cultures and make memories that will last forever together with sharing the culture with the local residents as they share their experiences with us too.”

Children who love to read are children who succeed. kids_love_to_read Community Service at MPS | World Schools

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