China Trips – How A Week without Walls Transforms Students

As they navigate their formative teenage years, Grades 6-10 students at HIS embark on China Trips to gain an appreciation of our host country. Each year through our ‘ Week Without Walls’ program, Upper School students participate in action and service learning in various locations around China for a four to five-day cultural and physical experience. These excursions serve as catalysts for personal growth and cultural immersion, while also supporting local communities and environmental projects.

The benefits of travel during the teenage years are invaluable. Students not only challenge themselves physically and mentally but also develop a global mindset, empathy, and a deep appreciation for China during their time at Hangzhou International School. These experiences develop life skills such as independence, resilience, and adaptability, preparing them to be well-rounded citizens of the world.

This year, Grade 6 students headed to the beautiful Qiandao Hu (Thousand Island Lake) for their China Trip. From biking to stand-up paddleboarding, high ropes courses, and kayaking, our students embraced the culture, conquered challenges, and had a blast during their action-packed journey.

Grade 7 students embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Yangshuo! From kayaking to cormorant fishing, and community service, our students and teachers embraced the natural charm of Guilin, gaining an appreciation of our stunning host country.

Grade 8 students set south of China on an incredible journey filled with sandy beaches, hiking trails, ceramics, camping, surfing, and tea adventures in Xiamen! From painting ceramics to picking tea leaves, they embraced the beauty of Xiamen and immersed themselves in the rich local culture.

Our Grade 9 students fearlessly embraced heights as they went via ferrata rock climbing on the breathtaking landscapes of Lijiang! From exhilarating white water rafting to community service, farming, bonfire celebrations, and exploring the enchanting old town, they challenged themselves to a remarkable cultural and outdoor experience.

Grade 10 students journeyed to Inner Mongolia for their China Trip, discovering the vibrant wonders of Mongolian culture. Their week-long adventure into the desert included activities such as archery, horse riding, and building yurts.

China Trips is an unforgettable learning experience for both HIS students and teachers. Our program is carefully designed to align with the IB curriculum and values of learning inside and outside the classroom. During these trips, students and teachers are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges. Through adventure, cultural immersion, service learning, and environmental education, these trips foster personal growth and a deep appreciation for China’s rich heritage. They are educational experiences that leave a lasting impact on the lives of students and teachers alike.

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Hangzhou International School HIS

Hangzhou International School HIS

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