CGA Global Open Day June 19

School open days are an important part of choosing your child’s school. They give you the opportunity to meet current students and teachers, as well as the school leadership to better understand whether the school will be a good fit for you. Crimson Global Academy is hosting its biggest Global Open Day on June 19. This will be your opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at an online school.

Why attend an open day?

Even if you are set on attending a school or are not sure about your choices, an open day provides an excellent opportunity to see what a school is really like. In the case of an online school, like CGA, the Open Day will give you an opportunity to meet our students, see what an online classroom is like and learn all about our world-renowned online high school.

At our Global Open Day you will learn:

  • How CGA is built to create an optimal learning environment to help students accelerate their growth.
  • How to boost your acceptance chances to top universities by taking extra subjects.
  • Whether an online high school is more effective than a traditional high school?
  • Which international curriculum is right for you or your child.

Some of the main things to look forward to at our Open Day are:

  • Meeting your future teacher and friends

At the Global Open Day, CGA Associate Principal, Dr. Andrew Daniel, will talk about how an online school works. He will give you an introduction to a CGA classroom and explain the technologies and methodologies used by our world-renowned teachers.

You will also get to meet current students and learn about how CGA is helping them achieve their academic dreams. Our students will also answer any of your questions about their experience studying in an online school, be it full-time or part-time.

  • Discovering a variety of study options

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a fully registered international online high school offering live, real-time classes to more than 800 students from over 30 countries. One of the main reasons students choose our school is for the variety of study options we offer – both in terms of international curricula choices as well as enrolment options. At CGA students can study International GCSE, A Levels, AP or US High school diploma classes. Students can enroll either full time or take part time classes while studying at a traditional school. Each class also has multiple time options to work with your commitments.

  • Understanding our scholarship options

One of the most important factors when deciding on a school are the fees. CGA offers financial aid and scholarships to students who have shown excellence in their academic, extracurricular and leadership pursuits and can demonstrate the need for support. We will talk about how you can apply for these scholarship opportunities.

  • Getting inspired

Jamie Beaton, founder of Crimson Education, will be speaking at the Open Day. He created CGA as a school where he would want to send his own kids and to provide access to quality education for all students, anywhere. Jamie has attended both Harvard and Stanford and his story can inspire you to pursue your own dreams. Make sure you attend the Open Day to get inspired!

Some questions to ask

For the students:

What do you like best about the school?

What subjects do you like best?

Are you allowed to be an individual, to get on with your own thing, without teasing or bullying?

Do teachers mark your work promptly and explain where you’ve gone wrong? What happens about corrections?

What extracurriculars do you participate in?

How do you get in touch with teachers?

For the teachers:

How does the school monitor progress? And how is progress reported to parents?

What subjects are popular at A level?

Homework – how much, how often

How does the school deal with particular needs?

How involved do parents have to be? Is there a parent portal?

Pastoral care:

Who is responsible for pastoral care? Who does you or your child contact to discuss problems?

Who will be overseeing your child?

What does the school do about bullying?

What happens when a child is ill?

Crimson Global Academy is an international, global online high school that allows students to accelerate their studies based on their ability rather than age. Register for our Open Day here.

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Crimson Global Academy

Crimson Global Academy

CGA is an online high school, connecting students with top faculty in small, virtual classrooms. Students join global peers, studying the A-Level, AS-Level, International GCSE curriculum as well as the Advanced Placement (AP) qualification. We are synchronous. Our small, virtual classrooms are ‘live’ no matter where you live in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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