Celebrating Our Music Students’ Successes

Legendary Foo Fighters front man, David Grohl, once said “Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.” This month has seen a variety of good music from our students here at WISS.

Drum recital

G8 MYP Creative Arts students were very active in engaging in an interdisciplinary unit that combined Music, Visual Arts, and Theatre. As part of this, they gave a highly enjoyable performance of William Goldings novel ‘Lord of the Flies’. Classic songs like ‘House of the Rising Sun’ and ‘People Are Strange’ demonstrating strong development and understanding of an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach to learning.

drum recital drum recital Celebrating Our Music Students' Successes

Lord of the flies show

June also saw our WISS Community Orchestra and Choir hold a farewell recital for our Grade 12 Graduates. It was a wonderful afternoon of music, featuring a variety of musical arrangements. The program includes pieces like ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Josh Groban and ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ by R. Kelly. The event was well-attended and enjoyed by all who were present.

Lord of the flies show Lord of the flies show Celebrating Our Music Students' Successes

Send of recital may 28

June was also a busy one for our WISS Instrumental program, with end-of-year recitals held to celebrate the musical accomplishments of students across various grade levels. The events kicked off with guitar and piano performances, which featured a nice variety of musical styles and tastes. Students performed pieces from popular artists with great enthusiasm and skills. This was followed by a drum recital, which again showcased a collection of musical numbers from an array of acclaimed artists demonstrating the exceptional talents of our students.

A big congratulations to G9 Band ‘Echo’ who were awarded first place at this year’s ‘That’s Shanghai’ magazine’s school ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition at the New Bund 31 Performing Arts Center in Pudong. The group competed against 20 bands from various schools across the city, putting on a stellar performance with hit songs from Muse, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana. For winning, they now have been given the opportunity to perform at a the ‘School of Rock’ musical hosted by the Shanghai TV Official Channel SMG.

send of recital may 28 send of recital may 28 Celebrating Our Music Students' Successes

Battle of the Band winners

It has been a wonderful year for the Arts here at WISS. The artistic achievements of our students across campus is something to be proud of. As we look ahead to the next school year, we will continue to build upon and celebrate the Arts to the fullest extent.

Battle of the band winners Battle of the band winners Celebrating Our Music Students' Successes

Have a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you in August.



中学部八年级创意艺术专业的学生在参与结合音乐、视觉艺术和戏剧的跨学科单元时非常积极。作为演出的一部分,他们表演了威廉·戈尔丁的小说《蝇王》。经典歌曲《旭日之家》和《奇怪的人》展示了学生们对综合、跨学科学习方法的 强大发展和理解。

6月,我们的西华社区管弦乐队和合唱团为我们的12年级毕业生举行了告别独奏会。这是一个美妙的音乐下午,音乐编曲多姿多彩,该节目包括乔什·格罗班的《You Raise Me Up》和R.Kelly的《I Believe I Can Fly》等作品。这个活动受到了众多现场观众的热烈参与和喜爱。


热烈祝贺9年级乐队“Echo”在今年浦东新外滩31号表演艺术中心举办的“That’s Shanghai”杂志学校“Battle of the Bands”比赛中获得第一名。该乐队与来自全市不同学校的 20 支乐队竞争,以Muse、The Red Hot Chili Peppers 和 Nirvana 的热门歌曲进行了精彩的表演。获胜后,他们现在有机会在上海主办的“摇滚学校”音乐剧中表演。



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