Tips for Parents

How can you support your child’s development? Here are some tips from the experts of the leading schools.


5 Tips on How to Master University Applications

It’s university application season for Year 13s at Yew Chung International School of Beijing, and offers are already rolling in…

29 Nov 2018


4 Simple Tips to Boost Your Child’s Memory

Memory is an essential component for building a solid base for learning. Sharp memory skills can help your child to…

13 Nov 2018


4 Tips on How to Learn Chinese for Beginners

Learning Chinese for the first time? 4 Essential Tips to Get You Started Chinese language-learning lies at the very heart…

30 Oct 2018


4 THINGS To Look Out for in an International School Campus

What to look out for in an international school campus? From the moment they step off the plane, it is…

17 Oct 2018

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