Parenting Tips

How can you support your child’s development? Here are some tips from the experts of the leading schools.


Let’s Talk… How To Keep Your Child Safe Online

The BIS Abu Dhabi counselling team share some ideas to help parents keep their child safe online. Whether we like…

26 Mar 2020


Tips to Make the Transition to Singapore Easier for Your Child

Perhaps the next best step for your career is to take on a position in Singapore, or maybe your company…

23 Mar 2020


Entertaining education: 5 things for under 5’s to do at home

At a time where most events and gatherings, including playgroups, have been cancelled and many people are on self-isolation to…

16 Mar 2020


4 ways to develop language and build your child’s vocabulary

Whether your child is at an international school learning in their second language, or just needs a bit of extra…

10 Mar 2020

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