Building Lasting Connections Within the BBIS Community

The sense of community at BBIS is truly vibrant. We extend a warm welcome to families hailing from all corners of the globe, who are invited to actively participate in our school community. A pivotal force behind this sense of togetherness is the BBIS Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which plays an essential role in fostering school spirit, cooperation, and enriching student experiences.

The BBIS PTA is a dedicated group comprising both parents and staff members and generously volunteers their time throughout the academic year. Their unwavering commitment is at the heart of the school’s success in bridging the gap between home and school life.

Throughout the year, the PTA plans engaging activities that brings our community closer together. These include our regular Coffee Mornings, Picnic in the Park, Berlin 101, Summerfest, Staff Appreciation Day, and a variety of fantastic parent clubs. These events strengthen the bonds within our BBIS community, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.


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BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School is a leading leading IB World Day and Boarding School, inspiring students in pursuit of lifelong learning and excellence. We celebrate diversity in a caring, internationally minded community.

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