Boarding at Rugby School Thailand—A Student Perspective from Kei

What’s it really like to be at boarding school? We asked some of our students to give some insight into boarding life.

“I started my boarding experience as an E Block student in September 2020. Previous to this, I was a day student in Town House and I was expecting a move to boarding to be a major change in my schooling. In many ways, it was. Some of the effects were expected and some were not, and mostly I have benefitted.

It has been a challenging experience as well, pushing me out of my comfort zone at times.

What are the Benefits of Boarding?

The most important benefit to me has been the social aspect of boarding life. Being around my friends for more of the day, and interacting with the older students, has led to strong and meaningful relationships. Initially, I felt a bit intimidated by the older students, but they were incredibly helpful and welcoming. They create an amazing atmosphere in the house and made me realise the importance of positive role models and a supportive community.

 427_img1_Boarding-at-rugby-school-thailand-student-perspective-kei Boarding at Rugby School Thailand—Student perspective: Kei | World Schools
Students at boarding school form strong bonds and friendships

Another important benefit has been the opportunities to exercise and play games with my friends, including learning sports that were new to me – such as volleyball. The Webb Ellis Centre is right on our doorstep and gives us amazing sporting facilities to use at times that are not available to day-students. One thing that surprised me was how much is packed into a boarders’ normal day. It made me realise how important a good night’s sleep is, and the need for proper downtime.

 427_img2_Boarding-at-rugby-school-thailand-student-perspective-kei Boarding at Rugby School Thailand—Student perspective: Kei | World Schools
Sports and other activities help students learn to overcome adversity and work as a team

An interesting aspect of boarding for E Block students is sharing a room with another student. Although I was initially concerned about not knowing who I would share with, it has turned out really well. I think most students enjoy the company of another student and we learn to look out for each other.


All in all, my boarding experience so far has been fantastic, but with challenges too. I have had to become more organised and plan my days better.

My advice to any new F or E Block boarder is to not be afraid to ask questions, everyone is happy to help and good communication is encouraged within the house!”

Kei, E Block (Year 10) boarder

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