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Boarding at Rugby School Thailand- A student perspective from Jess

To help illuminate boarding life for parents who might be considering it as an option, we asked a selection of our boarding students at Rugby School Thailand to tell us what it’s really like.

“The house is always filled with laughter from the pupils. When you enter the doors of the house, you can immediately feel the bubbliness and cheerfulness diffusing around. ‘Home from home’ is a great way to define boarding life at Rugby School Thailand, being like a second home and a place where homesickness goes away very quickly. Boarding feels like a community where you can be yourself with no judgements whatsoever. Everyone is always working together and being a shoulder to cry on if needed.

You have different bedroom options as you move up the school. For F Block, you have 4 roommates with a shared bathroom, for E Block, you have 2 roommates and a shared bathroom and for D Block and Sixth Form you have your own room with your own private bathroom. However, even with a shared bathroom or bedroom, you are 100% given your own personal space when you need it.

School lasts from 8am to 6pm, so after dinner you have plenty of spare time until call over or activities. During my spare time, I tend to hang out with my closest friends, and we make our way to Scrummy, the school café, where we can chill and relax after a day of school.

At 7.15pm, there are evening activities that last until 8pm. At 8.15pm, you have a call over, which is like a registration, and then we have private study. During private study, you are given an hour to do your prep, finish anything you need to for the next day or revise. Each year group is given tutors, who you can rely on whenever you need help academically or with any personal problems you may have.

Our House Dean is Mr. Devesa and the assistant House Dean is Ms. Hanly. Although the phrase, “House Dean” may make them sound very strict, they are like second parents! They are understanding if you have any problems and always stive to make us do our best.

You will never feel lonely when boarding. Being a boarder has its own privileges when comparing it to being a day pupil. For example, you have this large family that you get to see every day and share your life with other people. Not only that, it prepares you when you go off to college or university that is far away from home. Being a boarder teaches you how to be independent and how to settle in new places easier. You will never regret being a boarder!” Jess, a Senior School boarder

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