BISP Year 13 Art Exhibition Celebrates Creativity and Achievement

This year’s Year 13 Visual Arts Exhibition at BISP showed the creativity, perseverance, and artistic growth of the three featured IB Art students. Art Teacher Kathy Coulson welcomed guests with pride and excitement, highlighting the journey of exceptional art students: Nina, Polina, and Viktoriia. These students, new to Phuket and the school, showcased their artistic evolution despite initial challenges and limited formal art backgrounds.

Ms Coulson’s opening speech emphasised the students’ diverse techniques and processes, each uniquely expressed in their artworks. From interactive pieces with LED lights and laser-cut acrylic to hand-painted mezzotint prints, digital animations, ceramic works, and mixed media collages, the exhibition displayed a rich tapestry of creativity and skill. The themes explored by the students—The Distinctiveness of Humanity, Memories, and Rose Coloured Lenses—offered a deep and introspective journey for the viewers.

Acknowledging the collaborative effort behind the scenes, Ms Coulson expressed gratitude to parents, guardians, colleagues, and technical support teams whose contributions made the exhibition possible. She especially thanked Mrs. McGuigan for her guidance, Khun Kiw and Kayn for their technical expertise, and the various Artists in Residence who shared their knowledge and skills with the students.

The event also welcomed BISP alumni Mimi Siriwangsanti, who not only opened the exhibition but also showcased her own journey in fashion design and digital painting. Mimi’s presence added a poignant touch, connecting past and present art endeavours at BISP.

As the ribbon was cut and the exhibition officially opened, guests were invited to explore the artworks, interact with the artists, and delve into the meanings and inspirations behind each piece. The collaborative effort and artistic dedication evident in the exhibition were a glimpse into the vibrant arts community at BISP and the students’ remarkable achievements in visual arts.

The Year 13 Art Exhibition not only celebrated artistic expression but also highlighted the importance of creativity, perseverance, and collaboration in nurturing young talents. It served as a platform for the students to share their unique perspectives and stories, inviting the audience to appreciate and engage with art in meaningful ways.

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British International School, Phuket

British International School, Phuket

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