BISP Students Shine at Thai MUN Conference

Towards the end of Term 2, six students from BISP proudly attended their first ThaiMUN Conference, a platform for students to engage in diplomacy and debate on global issues at Brighton College, Bangkok. This year’s conference witnessed an impressive turnout with over 500 students from various schools across Thailand and beyond participating in the event.

The conference theme, “Empowering Youth Voices” resonated throughout the three days as students delved into discussions, negotiations and resolutions aimed at addressing pressing global challenges. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the participants added depth and richness to the debates, reflecting the global nature of the issues at hand.

The conference kicked off with an opening ceremony, setting the stage for the intense yet rewarding experience that awaited the delegates. The atmosphere was electric as students assumed the roles of diplomats, representing various countries and engaging in lively debates on topics ranging from climate change to human rights.

Throughout the conference, students from BISP demonstrated exceptional diplomatic skills, critical thinking, and collaboration as they worked towards consensus on resolutions. Whether advocating for sustainable development goals or addressing humanitarian crises, each delegate brought passion and dedication to the negotiating table.

Highlights of the conference included BISP Year 12 student Katie winning Best Delegate for her Committee, BISP Year 11 student Georgii receiving an Honourable Mention as the Delegate of Kenya and BISP Year 13 student Elleanna-Grace who was nominated for her fantastic Position Paper.

As the conference drew to a close, there was a palpable sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among the delegates. Friendships forged, and lessons learned will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the students’ personal and academic growth.

As our students departed Bangkok, they left inspired and empowered to continue their advocacy for positive change in their communities and beyond. The ThaiMUN Conference at Brighton College, was a resounding success, highlighting the importance of student participation in global affairs and the power of youth voices in shaping the future. Until we reconvene at the next ThaiMUN Conference, the spirit of diplomacy and cooperation will continue to thrive among the BISP student leaders of tomorrow.

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British International School, Phuket

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