BBIS Day Zero

We recognise that we are facing a global climate and environmental emergency.

At the end of September, BBIS held a whole school learning event for our students, from Early Education to Grade 12. Our community to took part in different activities to educate each other about climate change and sustainability issues, before taking meaningful action. Our students participated in a campus and forest clean-up before gathering on the sports field to listen to inspirational speeches by their peers.

Our Director, Nick Hazell, invited the community to be ‘Superheroes from Day Zero’ and to use our own ‘superpowers’ of resiliency, hopefulness and the enthusiasm to act to make an impact in the world around us.

Everyone of us can be a superheroes. When we see a problem and take action to make it better.

Nick Hazell, Director

BBIS Day Zero was the day we launched our EcoSchools project, to help us focus on sustainability education in a strategic and purposeful way. As a school we have laid the foundation in creating a more sustainable school environment. Here you can find out what measures BBIS has already taken.

We are joining the world in committing to take action which is also reflected in our school’s mission.

To inspire everyone in our learning community to be responsible, compassionate global citizens who make a difference through inclusion, innovation and action.

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BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

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