Ban Ki-moon Provides a Message of Hope to Graduating Students During COVID-19

Dwight School Seoul, a leading international IB school in Korea, celebrated the Grade-12 graduation on Friday, May 29th. This has been a difficult year for seniors all over the world as all of the celebrations that happen in the last year of high school have been cancelled because of COVID-19.

With the Korean Government advising all schools, including foreign schools, to close on February 25th, Dwight School Seoul students have been e-Learning for the last three months. Among the many activities and 12th-grade events that have been cancelled the return to school came just in time to allow for a socially distanced Graduation Ceremony.

All guests entered the campus through a separate entrance with tight security involving thermal cameras, a signed declaration of health, sanitizing procedures, this is all before entering the building. All graduating students attending with very limited family members were wearing masks with seating spaced apart to keep with social distancing. In a rare public speech, 8th Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon and Chairman of NCCA in Korea has stepped up as commencement speaker to provide a message of hope, pre-recorded, for students during this difficult time.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon spoke of his humble childhood and the challenges he overcame to become Secretary-General of the UN. Mr. Moon recognizes the tough time and challenges we are facing all over the world due to COVID-19. Mr. Moon goes on to tell students that this is the time to rise up and work together with a global vision to overcome these challenges. This is just the message of inspiration students at Dwight and all over the world can use in these uncertain times.

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