Akademeia invites for the last two recruitment weekends this school year

Akademeia High School invites new candidates from Year 10 and Year 12 for the last two online assessments at the weekends of 17-18 April and 29-30 May 2021.

A student’s first experience of Akademeia is through our Academic Potential Assessment, which is part of our admissions process. This process was created with the aim of uncovering the academic knowledge and talents held by each individual student. Through the assessment process, we can better understand how these talents may be developed, enriched, and employed in propelling students along the educational pathway to which they are most suited.

Our entrance process was designed by us, based on our personal knowledge of and experience of the Oxbridge interview system, as well as A Level requirements and other assessment methods. All assessment meetings are conducted exclusively by our own teachers.

We assess not only each student’s current knowledge, but also evaluate their academic potential and skills.

During the upcoming recruitment weekends in April and May, students can apply to:

  • Year 10 – for the Four-Year Programme, comprising two years of iGCSE taught alongside our own assessed courses, followed by the Two-Year A Level programme, as in the United Kingdom (Years 10 – 13).
  • Year 12 – for Two-Year Programme, involving only A Levels (Years 12 – 13).
 568-img1-Akademeia-invites-for-last-recruitment-weekends-this-school-year Akademeia invites for the last two recruitment weekends this school year

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Akademeia High School

Akademeia High School

Akademeia High School is a private day and boarding, academically-selective high school in Poland, offering the British curriculum of iGCSE and A Level, and preparing students for the best universities in the world. We offer young people a combination of academic excellence, co-curricular activities and individual pastoral care to help develop their talents, passions and life skills and provide the best possible preparation for life both at university and afterwards.

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