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Education is a collaborative effort, and powerful outcomes can be achieved when parents actively engage in their child’s learning journey. The Western International School of Shanghai recognizes the importance of involving parents in education and continues with our inspiring “Come Learn With Us” events. This unique programme invites parents to join their children in class for a day of shared learning experiences. By fostering a strong home-school partnership, this approach cultivates parent involvement, enhances academic development, and nurtures family bonds.

Strengthening Home-School Partnerships

“Come Learn With Us” serves as a platform to strengthen the crucial relationship between parents and educators. Inviting parents into the classroom promotes open communication, collaboration, and mutual understanding. Parents gain firsthand insights into their child’s academic environment, our curriculum, teaching methods, and daily routines. This experience empowers parents to support their child’s educational journey better and engage in meaningful conversations with teachers about their child’s progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. These opportunities create a shared vision for the child’s education and establish a solid foundation for a productive home-school partnership.

Cultivating Parent Involvement

Parental involvement is widely recognized as a major factor in a child’s academic success. “Come Learn With Us” allows parents to participate in their child’s learning process actively. By engaging in class activities alongside their children, parents gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, teaching strategies, and instructional materials used in the classroom. This hands-on experience allows parents to offer more targeted support at home, reinforcing concepts learned at school and promoting continued growth. Moreover, we foster a sense of shared responsibility between parents and educators as they work together to create an optimal learning environment for each child.

Key Elements of Family Development

“Come Learn With Us” is not just about academic development but also about nurturing family bonds. Parents create meaningful memories and strengthen the parent-child relationship by spending a day in school with their children. This shared experience can profoundly impact family dynamics, promoting open communication, trust, and mutual respect. Moreover, the event encourages families to engage in joint learning activities beyond the classroom, such as discussing educational topics, reading together, or exploring new subjects as a family. These activities foster a love for lifelong learning and create a supportive home environment that nurtures a child’s curiosity and passion for knowledge.

“Come Learn With Us” at Western International School of Shanghai is a shining example of how involving parents in their child’s education can yield remarkable outcomes. This is how we strengthen home-school partnerships, cultivate parent involvement, and foster family bonding experiences. By embracing this approach, we create a collaborative educational environment that empowers students while optimizing their potential for success.

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The Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)

The Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)

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