A Return to Live Performances at LCS | Anything Goes!

The Lakefield College School community was thrilled to attend a live performance from their Musical Theatre students for the first time in almost two years. Having navigated through months of in-person, remote, and hybrid learning, the cast and crew were ready to showcase the performance they worked diligently to perfect. The show didn’t disappoint. Over the course of two and a half hours, students danced, sang, and acted in scenes that ranged from comical to downright hilarious. From farcical Brooklyn accents to physical displays of comedy, there was so much to enjoy in this production.

 936-img1-A-return-to-live-performances-at-lcs-anything-goes A Return to Live Performances at LCS | Anything Goes!

Set in the 1930s aboard an ocean liner sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, the story encompassed antics about a love triangle between Billy Crocker (played by Ben Freeman ’23), Hope Harcourt (played by Ava Mason ’23), and Baron Ludwig Von

 936-img2-A-return-to-live-performances-at-lcs-anything-goes A Return to Live Performances at LCS | Anything Goes!

Schneider (played by Fritz Fischer-Appelt ’22). Moonface Martin (played by Alex Bemrose ’24), and Erma (played by Maude Rose Craig ’24) joined forces with Reno Sweeney (played by Kate Bemrose ’22), to help Billy win Hope’s heart.

 936-img3-A-return-to-live-performances-at-lcs-anything-goes A Return to Live Performances at LCS | Anything Goes!

It was a show full of jokes and by the end, Anything Goes! revealed its full silliness to the audience’s delight. Congratulations to all students and staff involved in this incredible production.

See more photos from the show in Lakefield College School’s Facebook album.

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