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7 reasons to visit a school open day

It’s open day season, so if you’re wondering where to start or why to go, here are a few reasons why open days can be an invaluable part of deciding on a school for your children.


There’s no way you can decipher the real atmosphere of a place through a brochure, on a website or over the phone. By visiting a school for open day you’ll immediately get a sense of whether it feels like a place you’d like your child to be.

What works for one, might not for another

Lots of people might have told you that a school is wonderful – and it might be – but what suits one child / family, doesn’t always suit another. By going to an open day you’ll be able to get better insight into whether the school is right for your child.

See the children

We are big advocates of seeing a school in action. That way, you can look at the children and see how happy and relaxed they look as they go about the school day.

Meet the teachers

Teachers are the people who make the fabric of the school. By visiting on open day you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to staff, and discover whether you feel these are the right people to entrust with your child’s education.

Learn about future developments

By visiting a school you are more likely to discover information on future developments happening that will impact your child’s learning experience. There may be incredible plans to build new facilities that prospective parents wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

Share insights with fellow parents

It’s always good to meet other parents who are considering the same school(s). You can share your experience and insights, and they make you look at certain things with a fresh perspective. Plus, these may be people you spend a lot of time with in the future when your children share a class!

Invest time for future happiness

Choosing a school is a big decision, and one that will reverberate through your child’s life. Online research is a brilliant tool for shortlisting but invest the time in visiting a school open day to get a real gauge on whether it’s the right place for your little one.

Rugby School Thailand is having an Open Morning on Friday 1st November, from 9.30am-12pm. Click here to find out more and register.

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