5 Ways the International Primary Curriculum benefits your child

1. The International Primary Curriculum is designed around how children learn

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is one of the fastest-growing curriculum choices in the world today, used in schools in over 90 different countries. It is a comprehensive curriculum for 5 -11-year old’s, made up of over 130 exciting, engaging and globally relevant thematic units of work, which are designed around a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for subject, personal and international learning. 

 702-img1-5-ways-international-primary-curriculum-benefits-your-child 5 Ways the International Primary Curriculum benefits your child

2. It is designed for specific age groups

The IPC is a learning focused comprehensive curriculum that provides children with opportunities to explore engaging and international themes. It is a philosophy and approach to learning that honors how children learn best in a specific age group, and it is an approach which is aimed at improving children’s learning.

 702-img2-5-ways-international-primary-curriculum-benefits-your-child 5 Ways the International Primary Curriculum benefits your child

3. The IPC improves children’s learning

Each IPC unit is designed around one core purpose: improving children’s learning. The IPC’s world class writers have created a range of cross-curricular units based on globally relevant themes that excite children and teachers alike. They are designed to nurture children’s personal qualities and develop international mindedness, and at the heart of these units are the IPC Learning Goals.

One of the main reasons that IPC has become one of the most widely used Primary curriculums in the world is its three-tiered approach that focuses upon 3 types of learning goals:

  • Subject (Academic) Learning Goals
  • Personal Learning Goals
  • International Learning Goals
 702-img3-5-ways-international-primary-curriculum-benefits-your-child 5 Ways the International Primary Curriculum benefits your child

4. It is rigorous yet flexible

With its own Assessment for Learning Programme, the IPC provides immediate support for teachers and learners through its comprehensive design and rigor, whilst being flexible enough for each school to adapt the planning and build on their own strengths. 

 702-img4-5-ways-international-primary-curriculum-benefits-your-child 5 Ways the International Primary Curriculum benefits your child

5. It prepares children for Secondary education

There is a distinct learning process with every IPC unit, providing a structured approach to make sure that children’s learning experiences are as stimulating and rigorous as possible.

With the IPC children can develop the academic knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them for Secondary school and beyond whilst also developing the personal qualities and characteristics to help them flourish in our increasingly connected and dynamic world. In short, the IPC can unlock student’s imagination and transform their education.

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