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5 simple steps to boost wellbeing during lockdown

This is a time of great uncertainty and high anxiety for many. Integrated into our remote learning programme, our expert pastoral team have ensured we are doing as much as possible to support the wellbeing of our pupils.

One of the initiatives we’re pushing is from a brilliant UK-based mental health charity called Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, which has been doing a lot of work to promote wellbeing using #5aDayWellbeing challenge. The initiative not only gives simple ideas on what we can do to keep ourselves buoyant, but it also serves as a good reminder that pupils all over the world are in the same situation, and there is great power in unity.

Why don’t you encourage your family to join the #5aDayWellbeing challenge too? It’s simple, just encourage the members of your family to:

KEEP LEARNING – Take up a hobby, find new passions, improve at something!

BE ACTIVE – Find a way of adding exercise to your daily routine.

CONNECT – Use this opportunity to talk with relations or old friends.

TAKE NOTICE – Take a moment each day to look around and see the beauty in nature or objects around you. There is so much to be grateful for in the world!

GIVE – This could be helping at mealtimes, giving a nice comment to someone, making a picture for someone (and sending them a photo of it if they’re not living in your home) or doing something charitable.

These may sound like small things, but often the smallest things can make the biggest difference. Try them! And tag @RugbySchoolThailand on Facebook or Instagram with #5aDayWellbeing if you do. We’d love to see what’s keeping you happy.

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