3 Ways Your Child Will Benefit From Studying Their GCSEs Online

Online school is fast-growing in popularity as a top choice for GCSE students — but what makes it such a great pathway?

The GCSE curriculum is one of the most respected across the world. From the ages of 14 to 16, GCSE students study towards qualifications that will one day help them get into university or secure a top job, gaining in-depth knowledge on important subjects. Many international schools around the world offer International GCSEs (IGCSEs), but there’s a modern way to study that’s even better for many teens: online schooling.

Let’s take a look at three key benefits of studying GCSEs online at a virtual school.

1. Engaging lessons for increased focus

If your child struggles to pay attention in class, they’re not alone. Research has found that even university students begin losing focus just minutes into a lecture, so it’s no surprise that younger teens have just as much trouble keeping their minds on their lessons. Of course, when it comes to getting great GCSE grades, staying on-task is crucial; every time a student loses focus, they miss out on valuable knowledge they’ll need in their exams.

While you may assume that focusing in an online class would be even more difficult than paying attention in-person, this is far from the reality. In fact, lessons at the top virtual schools can be even more engaging than traditional classes. By making use of innovative technologies and digital learning platforms, teachers can keep GCSE students engrossed in their education. Quizzes, breakout rooms, simulations, and augmented reality are just a few of the methods online teachers use to capture attention in class.

Plus, unlike in traditional schools, online lessons are free from disruptions and distractions. Since teachers never have to pause their classes to tackle behaviour, students’ minds no longer get pulled away from their learning.

2. Class recordings for easier studying

Even the most studious GCSE pupils can agree that studying for exams is often difficult. Staying on-track with learning throughout the year is the best way to score those top grades, but students still need to revise what they’ve learned in the months leading up to their assessments. That said, trawling through notes for weeks on end can be tiring, and many teens struggle to recall two years of learning based on these notes alone.

When you enrol your child at an online school for GCSEs, studying for exams becomes a lot easier. The best online schools record every lesson, uploading them all to a central viewing platform. There, students can log-in at any time to rewatch past classes. Naturally, this is a huge help when it comes to GCSE revision.

Whenever students find gaps in their notes or struggle to recall the details of an important topic, they can head back and relive the lesson where they first learned it. When reading notes becomes monotonous and students want to give up on studying, watching past lessons is also a great way to stay engaged and retain more information.

3. Flexible timetables for better school-life balance

There’s no doubt that the GCSE years are some of the most important in any student’s education. However, most teens have more on their minds alongside academics. Some work on their dreams alongside their studies, such as young actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Others simply want to spend more time on their hobbies or get outdoors during and stay active. Of course, learning comes first — but that’s part of what makes online school so great.

Online schools are known for their flexible timetables, allowing students to get the perfect school-life balance while excelling in their GCSEs. Thanks to adjustable timetables and recorded lessons, students are free to study at their own pace. If they need to miss a class to attend an audition or train in sports, for example, they can always watch their lessons when they get home.

With no disruptions and smaller class sizes, virtual school classes typically also cover an entire lesson in less time than a physical school could. In turn, this makes school days shorter, meaning students learn just as much and get more time to enjoy their daily lives.

Not only does a better school-life balance make students happier, it also helps reduce study fatigue, keeping your child motivated to work hard and get the grades they deserve.

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