3 Reasons to Consider Switzerland for a Study Location

Switzerland is hailed around the world as a beautiful destination with high quality luxury goods.  Known for its skiing in the breathtaking Alps, its rich chocolates made from fresh ingredients and some of the most luxurious watches available, Switzerland is in Europe but not a part of the European Union. This means it uses its own currency and has its own visa procedures, though thankfully the visa process for students is generally clear due to its history of international education.

Here are 3 benefits of studying in Switzerland.

Language learning

Switzerland has four national languages:  French, German, Italian and Romanish. Our school focuses on French and English, but from the earliest grades our students have immersive experience in German, while having options to study Italian, Greek and Latin as well.  At the high school level, our students study two to three languages on the pathway to their diploma.


In addition to its majestic scenery, Switzerland is known for being a safe environment for its inhabitants. Many people come to Switzerland to enjoy the natural beauty, escaping from city pollution, noise and fast paced ways of life.  With gorgeous lakes, green hills and quiet mountains, Switzerland makes an excellent destination for connecting with nature for physical and mental benefits.  We make sure to enjoy the scenery with our students on a regular basis.  From swimming to hiking to skiing, our staff make sure that all our students can enjoy and experience the best of what Switzerland has to offer.

High Quality Education

Switzerland has a reputation for high quality education.  It consistently scores high in the yearly evaluations comparing international education systems.  In Switzerland, teachers must have a master’s degree in teaching/pedagogy in order to teach students.  At Saint-Charles all our teachers are certified by the state which means they all have master’s degrees, and 10% of our teaching staff have doctoral degrees in various fields.    Our students are destined to leave with a strong basis of knowledge, critical thinking and experience to prepare them for their goals: University and beyond.

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