3 Must-Haves to Look For in an Online Primary School

Online primary school is a great way for young learners under the age of 11 to get a high-quality, engaging, and flexible education anywhere in the world. Of course, to bring your child the best virtual learning experience, you’ll need to choose the best online school.

Given all the advantages of virtual education, it’s no surprise that more and more parents around the world are enrolling their children in online primary schools. Top-tier online schools put students at the centre of their own education, guiding them to thrive in academics and beyond wherever they are in the world. But how can you tell which schools make the cut?

Let’s take a look at three crucial qualities to look out for when choosing an online primary school for your child.

1. A British curriculum

While there are many respected curriculums out there, the National Curriculum for England is world-renowned for its primary education programme.

The British curriculum is split into “Key Stages” to ensure children get the right academic support during every step of their education. In Key Stages 1 and 2, children aged five to 11 years old cover a broad range of important topics across languages, STEM, arts, and humanities.

Alongside learning the foundational knowledge they’ll need to succeed in secondary school, children following the British primary school curriculum also gain skills they’ll use throughout their lives. From communication and teamwork to self-management and problem-solving, this scheme of learning encourages and supports young students to develop in academics and beyond.

Another key perk of the British curriculum is that it can be followed anywhere in the world, both in-person and online. When you choose an online primary school that follows the British curriculum, your child will gain a deep understanding of all core subjects, progressing to secondary schooling as a confident, responsible, and enthusiastic learner.

2. Social opportunities

Socialisation is one of the most important parts of any young child’s development. While talking with their peers, primary school students learn essential communication skills they’ll use for everything from making friends to securing a great career one day. Socialisation also helps children to become more confident, empathetic, and independent, all of which will benefit them across the board.

While you may think there’s no way children can socialise when they’re learning virtually, a good online school actually provides many social opportunities, just like a ‘traditional’ school. Look for a school with live, interactive lessons where pupils can work together with their classmates and talk to their teachers. Outside the classroom, your child’s online school should also provide a range of virtual clubs and a social platform where children can chat and make friends safely.

3. Exciting classes

If you’re concerned that your child won’t be able to sit down and focus on classes when they’re learning through a screen, you need not worry. When you choose an experienced online school with a proven learning model, you’ll find that virtual lessons can be even more engaging than in-person classes.

Whether you’re browsing online primary school websites or attending virtual open days, look out for classes that are designed to keep young children interested. Quizzes, games, chats, and break-out rooms are all great ways to vary the pace of an online lesson, capturing your child’s attention throughout classes. The best online schools take learning to the next level with innovative technologies. Through virtual simulation software and augmented reality devices, students can dive into their learning and explore without losing interest.

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