#1 Ranked Princeton University Admits Gravitas Student

Joseph’s Path to Princeton

Joseph, a Gravitas senior who has spent his youth living on both coasts of the United States as well as in South Korea, is rounding out his third year in our Full-time Live program. Joseph’s diligence, maximization of our schools’ top academic and Passion Academy programs, and involvement in local and global extracurricular opportunities have reaped dividends. This fall, Joseph will attend Princeton University, the #1 ranked national university according to U.S. News and World Report. With an acceptance rate of just 4.5%, this is a major accomplishment for Joseph and a key milestone for Gravitas, which is in its third year of existence.

Joseph’s Passions and Purpose

At Princeton, Joseph will study in-depth and share with others his passions for literature, philosophy, ethics, humanitarian work, advocacy for the least fortunate, and, of course, coffee! Joseph has lived in and experienced a diversity of environments as a result of his pastor father’s international ministry work. Joseph has kept his focus on the most important element of each place– the people. He has great compassion for people throughout the world, especially children and orphans, and the difficulties they face. Quietly tenacious, Joseph has been a relentless advocate for funding and policies that combat hunger and poverty. He aspires to one day lead an international non-governmental organization and create lasting solutions to these enduring global issues.

How Gravitas Prepared Joseph for Princeton

Though Joseph is excited about the future, he also knows the work that lies ahead of him at Princeton and in graduate school. Gravitas’s rigorous college prep academics, including small, discussion-rich classes taught by an extraordinary faculty, several with PhDs, have more than equipped Joseph for the challenge of an Ivy League education. And, the flexibility of our live-instruction online coursework has given Joseph the opportunity to build upon his interests, travel, volunteer, grow, and thrive in all respects without limits. Joseph advises younger students to “try new things without worrying about the outcome and enjoy the moment.” With great integrity and a growth mindset, Joseph is an amazing example of the enrichment one gains while exploring different experiences, endeavoring to enjoy each day’s simple treasures and learning opportunities, and serving others before oneself.

The Gravitas Difference

Joseph’s acceptance to Princeton proves that online education, done right, can unlock doors to the most selective universities in the world. The key phrase is “done right.” Here’s what that means:

  • Gravitas’s approach to online school sets it apart from other online schools by being highly relational, with live online classes, small class sizes, advisory, and ample leadership opportunities.
  • As a program of The Stony Brook School, highly selective universities trust the quality of the curriculum and instruction Gravitas delivers. They know that a Gravitas student is a Stony Brook student who just happens to attend SBS virtually.
  • Gravitas allows students opportunities to pursue their passions like humanitarian work, the arts, elite athletics, and entrepreneurship while delivering a legitimately rigorous college prep academic experience.
  • With full-time master teachers at their disposal, Gravitas students grow exponentially faster than they would in a typical classroom environment, and through the Gravitas Summer Accelerator, they can accelerate their academic progress and pursue their areas of passion year-round. Joseph, for example, took the Philosophy Honors: Artificial Intelligence course during the summer, which helped him demonstrate his passion for philosophy and ethics in his Princeton application.
  • Finally, Gravitas provided Joseph with concierge-style college counseling services to help him tell his story in a compelling way to Princeton University’s admissions office, and it was their work with Joseph that even put Princeton on his radar as a possible landing spot.

Open Doors to Elite Universities for Your Child

Do you have an aspirational child who is aiming for universities like Princeton? We encourage you to explore Gravitas’s outstanding academics, college admissions outcomes, and opportunities for your child to thrive! We welcome you to attend our upcoming webinars, where you can learn more! Sign up here to get to know Gravitas today.

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Gravitas - A Global Extension of The Stony Brook School

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