How School Drama Programs Help Students ‘Perform’ Better, Inside and Outside the Classroom

It may be true that school plays have been the traditional home of outspoken and outgoing students. But drama ...
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Which Curriculum is Best for My Child?

Such a critical decision Being a parent is the most important job you will ever have, and the most ...
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How much Chinese can a child realistically learn?

Obtaining Essential Learning Skills through Foreign Language Study As learning Mandarin Chinese becomes increasingly popular across the world, exposing ...
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Top 4 Reasons to Study Abroad

Even though more than half of all American college students say they'd like to study abroad, fewer than 10 ...
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Character Education: The Truths and Value of a Fully Rounded Education

Character education is a relatively new concept in the education world. Yew Chung International School of Beijing explains this ...
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Should you send your kid to boarding school? Benefits of boarding

Why choosing a boarding school? Sending a child to a boarding school is a life-changing decision for both parents ...
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Advanced Placement Classes for Motivated Students

What is an Advanced Placement Program? The Advanced Placement program provides alternatives for high school students in the United ...
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The Value of After School Activities

As much as a school tries, there is just not enough time in the school day to give students ...
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How to help your child settle into school

The first term of the new school year is an exciting time for children, as they make friends, learn ...
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Why you should study at an International School?

Finding the right school is one of the very important decisions in many parents’ and students’ lives. Especially, when ...
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Boarding School Life in Switzerland

Watch the video Discover one of the most extraordinary places to attend boarding school. Find out in this video, ...
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Getting the best from Boarding

Sending a child to a boarding school is a huge decision for any parent and their child. Tim McDonald, ...
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How to unlock the athletic potential in your child

‘Sport is for all’ – how to unlock the athletic potential in your child Being healthy and active is ...
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The Importance of Technological Megatrends and Their Impact on Education

YCIS Beijing Western Co-Principal Noel Thomas believes that one of the keys to understanding this constantly evolving landscape is ...
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Benefits of All-Girls Boarding Schools

Choosing a school for your daughter is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. There ...
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The 21st Century Educational Revolution

THINK Global School is the world’s first traveling high school, and each year its faculty and students engage in educational ...
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Top Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

On the 21st February, Britannica students, parents and staff recently celebrated International Mother Language Day. We asked around the ...
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Benefits of a Chinese-English Co-Teaching Model

Co-Teaching is defined as two teachers working together with groups of students. A real co-teaching classroom does not simply ...
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Settling into Your New City: How to Pick the Best School for Your Family

A Q&A with the Director of The American International School · Vienna As Director of The American International School ...
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5 Ways to Thrive During the First Month of School

School can be stressful or exciting depending on how prepared you are. Don't wait until you begin having problems ...
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