Why studying at ML Kingsley is special?

If teaching is important, learning is ever more so important. Teaching isn’t just about the delivery of knowledge and information. Teaching is about embracing, exploring and exploiting the glorious moment of ignorance that immediately precedes knowledge and then succeeds it again soon after.

However, learning is does not happen when the mind is not absorbing or the soul of the learner is not in place!  Learning is about receiving, inquiring and exploring, asking and asking.  China’s great philosopher and teacher, Confucius, said, “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”. The marvel of teaching and learning are like peas in a pod – one inspiring and intriguing – the other absorbing and solving. Challenges are posed – to tickle the minds – to instil the discipline not to accept simply the facts presented but to further try out ways and means to arrive at equations from different angles.

This is why Maple Leaf Kingsley International School is special!  In the school, children arrive from different learning spectrum, at different learning speed, some are strong, others require teachers to work on them more, to solicit for response or even to instil in them some form of interest.

 658-img1-Why-studying-at-ML-Kingsley-is-special Why studying at ML Kingsley is special?

That is why ML Kingsley is special! Many a times, parents expected that teachers be like some sort of superman or magician, that their children be changed into an intellectual over some time!  Teaching and Learning must happen two-way!  However, the greater learning from a child usually succeed when the child has some form of domestic bliss, enjoys a happy upbringing and have supportive parents as guides.

 658-img2-Why-studying-at-ML-Kingsley-is-special Why studying at ML Kingsley is special?

Teaching is a noble profession, that’s what everyone says!  But teaching nowadays has turned into gruelling jobs, and with long hours and difficult students to work on, this has make teaching a job not everyone enjoys thoroughly. 

 658-img3-Why-studying-at-ML-Kingsley-is-special Why studying at ML Kingsley is special?

That is why ML Kingsley is special!  Teachers in ML Kingsley understand their tasks daily, with difficult students and parents to handle.  ML Kingsley is grateful, for we have parents who collaborated and enjoys working alongside with teachers – to reap the benefits for their kids – the joy of going to school and the love for books!

 658-img4-Why-studying-at-ML-Kingsley-is-special Why studying at ML Kingsley is special?

So take the plunge!  Come experience education for your child in ML Kingsley International School, Putra Heights, Malaysia, a school with a difference!  A real bully-free school too!

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