Why moral education matters

Moral education forms the backbone of comprehensive learning environments, teaching values that guide students in distinguishing right from wrong.

It aims to shape not just academics but the character and societal interactions of students. Here, we delve into the significance of moral education in the curriculum, how it equips students to become culturally aware and socially responsible individuals, and the role it plays in molding well-rounded young people.

The Essence of Moral Education

Moral education is the process through which students learn the vital values of kindness, honesty, and respect, which happen to be the core values here at The British International School Abu Dhabi. These principles do more than guide daily behaviour—they foster the development of a compassionate and accountable individual. Understanding the importance of these values is crucial in shaping the behaviours and intentions of students toward others.

Integrating Moral Education into the Curriculum

Our approach to moral education is holistic, embedding it into every facet of the educational experience. From Primary years through to Senior School, moral education is woven into the curriculum through engaging lessons and interactive experiences that encourage reflection on personal, social, and cultural issues. These lessons are not confined to textbooks; they extend to real-world applications and community interaction. In Primary, for example, students work together to create shared floor books, which are a collective record of their personal, social, cultural, and moral education experiences. They contain special memories, photos, and brilliant pieces of work. They also reflect our values and their experiences, creating a rich sense of community and identity.

The National Framework

In the United Arab Emirates, the Ministry of Education’s Moral Education Programme (MEP) outlines a structured curriculum across four key pillars: character and morality, the individual and the community, civic studies, and cultural studies. This framework ensures that from grades 1 to 12, students receive a consistent education in moral values across all stages of their schooling. The MEP’s goals include building essential character traits, instilling ethical values, fostering community involvement, and enhancing cultural understanding.

At BIS Abu Dhabi, we weave the MEP into our Personal, Social, and Moral Education programme. We also explore the four pillars in school assemblies, where students discuss important ideas and take the lead by organising special MEP-themed activities. In addition, from Year 1 through to Year 11, students work towards the BISAD Diploma, striving for bronze, silver, and gold awards by achieving academic, sporting, and creative success. They also take part in activities that nurture social skills like teamwork, communication, and a willingness to help others.

Beyond the Classroom

The application of moral education extends beyond academic lessons, creating opportunities for our students to help others – and play a role in both local and global communities through community service projects and international awareness programmes including The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and our Model United Nations group. These activities not only reinforce the core values taught in the classroom but also help students apply these lessons in real-world settings, enhancing their global perspective and commitment to community service. Service and volunteering will continue to play a significant role in Years 12 and 13 when our students complete their Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), a core element of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

A thriving community with strong values

The benefits of moral education can be seen in our classrooms, corridors, and common areas every day. Our students and staff create an environment where everyone contributes, lives by shared principles, and shares common goals. This will set your child up for success, laying the social and emotional foundations they need to thrive both now and when they leave us.

For more insights into our moral education practices and their impact, visit our website.

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