Why International Students Should Choose MVA’s Online Sixth Form This September

The concept of online learning is not new, but in the context of our increasingly connected world, it’s taken on new relevance. More than ever, young people are seeking educational experiences that not only provide them with robust academic qualifications but also help them become globally competent citizens. For those ready to take the leap, Minerva’s Virtual Academy (MVA) offers a Sixth Form programme that promises to transform their education journey in powerful ways.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Convenience

One of the key advantages of MVA’s Sixth Form programme is its flexibility. Being an online school, we offer the freedom for students to study the British Curriculum from anywhere in the world. They can shape their learning environment to their preferences, learning at their own pace and balancing their education with other commitments like sports, arts, part-time work, or starting a business. This flexibility enables students to effectively manage their time and nurture their unique interests and passions alongside their academic pursuits.

Globally Recognised Qualifications

At MVA, students have the opportunity to earn A-Level qualifications, some of the most prestigious academic achievements recognised worldwide. These open doors to universities globally, including those in the UK, equipping students with a solid foundation for future academic success.

An Innovative Curriculum: A Level & BTEC

A Levels represent a pivotal milestone in a student’s academic journey. Building on the foundation of GCSEs, they pose a unique academic challenge that enables students to delve deeper into their learning and cultivate fascinating new interests. As a Sixth Form student at Minerva’s Virtual Academy, your academic experience will typically consist of studying three A Level subjects, accompanied by a dynamic enrichment programme designed to prepare you for further study and adult life.

Our diverse selection of subjects caters to a wide array of academic interests and goals. From the sciences to the arts, we provide opportunities for every student to follow their passion. Subjects available for study include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Maths, and Spanish under the Edexcel International A Level framework. Alternatively, you might choose from Business, Computer Science, Economics, English Literature, Geography, History, and Psychology under the CIE International A Level framework.

For those who prefer a more practical, vocational path, we also offer a unique BTEC programme in esports (currently UK only).

Life Skills and Enrichment

Alongside traditional academic subjects, all our Sixth Form students participate in our distinctive co-curricular Enrichment and Life Skills programme. This includes engaging in stimulating short courses designed to introduce you to university-style thinking and skills vital for the modern workplace. Some of the intriguing courses we intend to run in the 2022-23 academic year include “Becoming What We Are: Literature & Identity,” “The Netflix Effect: Introducing Critical Theory through the Art of Binge-Watching,” and “Global Politics in a Zombie Pandemic.”

Furthermore, our Life Skills programme equips students with practical skills to thrive beyond the school environment. From cooking to managing a budget and from maintaining a healthy lifestyle to understanding savings and investments, this programme is all about preparing you for the real world.

Minerva Galactic Award

In the spirit of broadening horizons and fostering self-development, all Year 12 students participate in our bespoke Minerva Galactic Award. This multidisciplinary programme, similar to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, involves completing an academic project of personal interest, volunteering, fundraising and event organisation, young enterprise, and more.

UCAS & Global University Support

Whether your academic aspirations lead you to a university in the UK or elsewhere in the world, Minerva’s Virtual Academy provides comprehensive support for your university application journey. This involves a formalised process with your personal mentor, along with periodic university application-focused sessions with our Academy staff.

Being a British school, we hold particular expertise in supporting applications to British universities through the UCAS system. However, our reach goes far beyond just the UK. Our dedicated team is adept at guiding students towards successful applications to universities worldwide, ensuring you are well-informed and confident in your decision-making process. At MVA, your dreams have no borders – we are here to help you reach your desired university destination, no matter where in the world it may be.

Diverse Opportunities for Independent Learners

Indeed, the flexible and enriching Sixth Form experience at Minerva’s Virtual Academy transcends traditional academic boundaries. It’s a platform for young, ambitious individuals to embark on varied and fulfilling pathways.

With the freedom and flexibility inherent in our programme, our students can:

Explore the world: Studying doesn’t mean staying put. Experience different cultures, broaden your perspectives, and learn beyond the classroom.

Start their own business: Do you have a spark of entrepreneurial spirit? Grow your ideas into tangible ventures in our supportive and enriching environment.

Balance studies with meaningful employment: Don’t wait for graduation to start your career. Gain professional experience and cultivate real-world skills while earning your qualifications.

Establish a non-profit: Use your academic knowledge and personal passion to drive positive change in the world.

The potential opportunities are abundant and as diverse as our student body. Minerva’s Virtual Academy offers a Sixth Form experience like no other – it’s an extraordinary journey that aligns with the needs and aspirations of independent, mature learners, setting them up for a bright and promising future.

The MVA online Sixth Form experience transcends conventional education boundaries, promoting academic excellence while also fostering life skills, enriching experiences, and personal growth. If you’re an international student in search of a unique Sixth Form experience, we warmly welcome you to join us this September.

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Minervas Virtual Academy

Minervas Virtual Academy

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is an online independent school for pupils aged 11 – 18. Pupils study the British Curriculum from the comfort and safety of their own home, wherever they live in the world, receiving an affordable, world-class education to rival ‘mainstream’ school for the first time. The school enables its pupils to thrive both academically and socially online whilst helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed in the modern world.

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