Why Families Are Registering for Summer Program at Laurel Springs

We understand the hesitation around ‘Summer School’ – it’s not what excites us either! The vision of choosing class over pool days with friends, vacation to a remote cabin on the coast, or joining the local swim team is outdated. Instead, what we’re really excited about is our Virtual 2024 Summer Program for K-12 students – one that’s designed to fully integrate with families’ schedules and fun summer plans.

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Traditionally, summer courses demand a commitment of 6 to 12 weeks, which can consume the entire summer break for some (Booo!). Recognizing this, we pivoted our approach. This year, students have the opportunity to complete an entire semester of work in just 4 weeks or a full year in 8 weeks, allowing them to catch up, get ahead, or dive deeper into subjects without sacrificing their summer adventures. And! These timeframes don’t compromise content; students are still comprehensively covering the same concepts.

For learners from kindergarten to high school, our summer 2024 offerings are designed to be interactive, creative, and conducive to academic advancement, generating newfound excitement among families. We’d love for you to be one of them. Space is limited for all programming, so don’t wait to register!

What’s in Store for K-5

New to our summer lineup for K-5 kids are week-long, live, virtual camps that feature opportunities to learn with LEGO® and Minecraft®, problem solve through the lens of a detective, explore the intricacies of our universe, and have fun with art and food. Because these camps are live, kids have the opportunity to virtually interact with others from all over the world!

Additionally, 5th graders can get a head start on their math curriculum via our asynchronous 5th-grade Math Course, which focuses on computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem solving. No matter their interest or need, each K-5 student can find something that sparks excitement this summer at Laurel Springs!

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Middle School Summer Offerings 

We know families care about their child getting ahead in the middle school years, and summer is an excellent opportunity for them to do so. Our Middle School Academic Courses are designed to support students in grades 6-8 as they transition to higher grade levels, where coursework becomes more challenging and demanding, and strengthen their performance in certain subject areas.

Our week-long, live, virtual 6th and 9th-grade English Readiness Camps help rising middle and high school students build confidence for their next year. Furthermore, our new Pre-Algebra 6-Week Intensive Hybrid Course combines independent study with daily live instruction so middle schoolers can progress through an entire year of pre-algebra content at an advanced pace. Don’t miss Digital Art & Design, and Photography electives, too!

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Get Ahead, Prep for College: High School Summer Programming

The pressures that come with the college application and admission process are enough to make any high school student feel overwhelmed at times. Knowing this, we strategically designed courses and workshops to support them during this time.

Our College Applications 101 course is curated for students who are not enrolled full-time at Laurel Springs but seeking guidance regarding college types and best-fit colleges, majors, admission standards, financial planning, and college application. The College Essay Writing Workshop guides rising seniors through the intricate process of creating a compelling and authentic college admissions essay; and, knowing the unique needs of student-athletes as they navigate NCAA eligibility and tap into their potential for college-level competition, we designed a week-long College Athletics Bootcamp to comprehensively support them.

Of course, summer is also a great opportunity for high schoolers to fulfill graduation requirements, dive deeper into topics of interest, or progress where needed. Our wide course selection features all subject areas – with Honors, AP®-level, and NCAA-approved options available. Additionally, our new 6-week hybrid Geometry course allows students to complete a full year of content through a combination of independent study and daily live instruction.

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Whether it’s to ditch the summer slide, build confidence, develop skills, or prepare for college – families all over the globe are enthusiastically saying, “WE’RE IN!” at Laurel Springs this summer. Are you one of them? Register today!

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