What does an American-International Education’ mean at AOSR?

American-International education prioritizes rigor, high standards for learning, critical thinking, and an individualized approach to achievement. Students at AOSR benefit from the internationalism of our community, with over 50 nationalities represented.

 930-img1-What-does-an-american-international-education-mean-at-aosr What does an American-International Education' mean at AOSR?

What makes an American-International education unique?

An American-International education brings the best of all worlds to the classroom. This environment, fostered by educators recruited from around the world, nurtures and challenges students to become

  • global and local leaders
  • critical thinkers
  • independent learners
  • content creators

with a genuinely international perspective. The curriculum and approach to education mirrors elite private and public US Schools, with a UK, European and Asian influence.

Elementary School (Age 3-11)

Elementary education at AOSR taps into a child’s natural curiosity about the world through science experiments (STEM programs), cultural arts projects, and field trips that connect to classroom learning. Core mathematics subjects, reading, and writing utilize research-based methodology from Stanford and Columbia universities to ensure optimal conceptual understanding and skill development.

Middle School (Age 10-14)

Middle school students excel through course advancement and multigrade classes. Students learn engineering principles, Cornell note-taking methods, and the Socratic Seminar discussion model to engage in lively debate. Middle school is a time for personal development, and our arts and music programs match those of private, independent schools in the United States.

 930-img2-What-does-an-american-international-education-mean-at-aosr What does an American-International Education' mean at AOSR?

High School (Age 14-18)

The best of American International Education in high school means university-level coursework and the ability to achieve at an advanced level. AOSR is the first school in Rome to offer the Advanced Placement Program. The 25+ Advanced Placement courses allow students to specialize in math and sciences or the humanities. Successful completion of the exams earns college credit in the United States and around the world.

International education like that of AOSR has been reflected in the status of IB World School since 1989. As an IB World School, AOSR offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), a rigorous two-year, university-level program for university entrance worldwide.


We have parents who choose to offer their children an international educational experience with a 1-2 year sabbatical. What better environment than Rome? Coupled with intellectual stimulation at AOSR, families have a shared understanding of Italy while ensuring a solid academic future for their children. The academic culture at AOSR, as with many American International schools, is one of persistence, scholarship, and a love of learning.  There is no better place for this than the Eternal City. At AOSR, students experience different cultures, languages, and lifestyles than those of their home country. Lessons learned daily from peers’ perspectives create a flexible and open-minded approach to the world that serves our alumni well.

 930-img3-What-does-an-american-international-education-mean-at-aosr What does an American-International Education' mean at AOSR?

Reflections from AOSR students on the IB and AP Programs right here in Rome

I was lucky to learn inside an international education program. I did the International Baccalaureate program—or IB—and now I’m going to study abroad in London, England, at the University of Westminster, exactly where I wanted to be.

I have learned so much from my IB classes over the last three years. IB is an advanced-level high school curriculum that prepares students for university education and life. I learned about writing and history in my English class, and we also learned about literature, art, music, and drama. If you want to go to college soon or even later on your own, IB is the way to prepare yourself because it’s rigorous but fun at the same time!

American-International education in Rome encourages students to view their learning through inquiry, producing intrinsically motivated, competent, confident, and self-directed learners.

Students benefit from small class sizes and teachers who know their strengths and weaknesses, and our internationally experienced faculty can adapt their teaching to the way each student learns best. So whether your child prefers hands-on application, visual stimulation, or role-play, you can be sure they’ll be learning in a way that is most effective for them.

An American-International education in Rome means that teachers are trained and qualified in their field of expertise and dedicated to improving their craft through ongoing professional development.

The Faculty at AOSR hold advanced degrees in their field of expertise. Our teachers help students discover the joy of learning through real-world contexts. We provide a rigorous academic program that develops study skills and time management techniques. Students are given opportunities to reflect on learning, discover meaning through critical thinking, apply knowledge, and create a sense of responsibility toward themselves, others, and the environment.

 930-img4-What-does-an-american-international-education-mean-at-aosr What does an American-International Education' mean at AOSR?

American-International education in Rome includes academic opportunities and extracurricular activities that range from sports to arts, music, and theatre.

Extracurricular activities play a fundamental role in developing our students throughout their educational journey.

Participation in extracurricular activities increases self-esteem, improves grades and academic performance, decreases anxiety levels, and teaches students to balance schoolwork and leisure activities. Specific examples include:

  • Our ES, MS, and Varsity sports programs develop leadership, communication, and time management skills.
  • The arts foster creativity and imagination.
  • MUN and the National Honor Society build confidence and public speaking abilities.
  • Theater classes boost creativity, communication skills, and teamwork.
  • Cultural trips provide independence and interpersonal growth.
 930-img5-What-does-an-american-international-education-mean-at-aosr What does an American-International Education' mean at AOSR?

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