Well Done, Class of 2023: IB Results Announcement

Another school year at ISA is about to begin, and it feels great to be able to share some fantastic news with our community as we prepare for our return to school. It’s our pleasure to finally announce the IB results of the class of 2023!

To much anticipation, IB students around the world received their results over the summer break. For ISA students, these results represent the culmination of two years of hard work and mark the transition from their time at ISA onto the next steps of their journey. The class of 2023 demonstrated resilience and a palpable sense of community during the challenges that came with their final years at ISA and celebrated their achievements together at their official ISA graduation ceremony before the summer break.

ISA students performed beyond expectations this year, again placing far above the world average of IB results. We are so proud of every student and wish them all the best on the next steps of their journey and say ‘goodbye for now’ as they become part of our global network of alumni.

Here are some highlights from the collective success of the class of 2023:

WSGallery-ISA-BlogPost-1 WSGallery-ISA-BlogPost-1 Well Done, Class of 2023: IB Results Announcement

IB Diploma Results Summary 2023

  • ISA Pass Rate: 98%
  • ISA Average Score (average points): 35.4
  • World Average Score (average points): 31.2
  • ISA Average Grade: 5.4
  • World Average Grade: 4.7
  • ISA Highest Score: 45

Class of 2023 Highlights

  • 106 Graduates
  • 102 Diploma Candidates
  • 98% earned IB Diploma
  • 43% Bilingual Diplomas
  • 35.4 Average IB Score
  • 84.3% obtained 36 points or more
  • 15% obtained 40 points or more

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International School of Amsterdam

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