Welcome Back GSN Lions

Welcome to Georgia School for the 2022/2023 Academic Year!

Welcome back Lions, hope you had a great summer! It is always wonderful to welcome new and returning students. We look forward to getting to know each and every student and we are certain that you will find friendship and a supportive learning environment at GSN.

Led by GSN’s Principal, Mr. Cavon, Teacher Orientation and Prep Week, took place last week. Veteran and returning teachers worked diligently throughout the week to ensure a smooth entry for students into the new school year.  Among the points covered by Mr. Cavon with new and returning staff, was a need to “respect the students” and to hold each student to the highest expectations, with regard to academics and behavior.

 1043-img1-Welcome-back-gsn-lions Welcome Back GSN Lions

As inscribed above the main hall of Georgia School’s administrative building:
“The secret to education lies in respecting the student” -R.W. Emerson

This year, several, highly qualified, kind, and caring teachers joined the Georgia Team, bringing with them new dynamism and variety of skills and creative means, through which they will enhance the delivery of the school’s curriculum and contribute to GSN’s school culture.  As Mr. Cavon mentioned, during his orientation meetings, he believes that “…culture eats strategy for breakfast”, meaning that “…a school’s culture– its collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the actions of all team members, is, by far, a stronger indicator of a school’s capacity for success than individual strategies.”  For GSN, the combination of school culture and a systematic approach to learning, ensure that students are inspired to meet their highest potential as Lions at GSN.

 1043-img2-Welcome-back-gsn-lions Welcome Back GSN Lions

During Prep Week, GSN teachers prepared their classrooms and were engaged in professional learning related to policies, curriculum, and expectations.  Our Pre-K3 teacher Mr. Owain mentioned that “I am excited to welcome our Pre-K students! For the first two weeks my main focus will be to accustom students to the routines of school life and become familiar with each of our learning centers.” GSN’s Early years team follows the IEYC curriculum and incorporates phonics and STEM learning into daily activities.

 1043-img3-Welcome-back-gsn-lions Welcome Back GSN Lions

MS/HS Science teachers Mr. Raja and Ms. Sherdeana are excited to teach Science this year and mentioned “Our Science classes will take place within new, state-of-the-art, labs for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and Life Sciences. We know the students will greatly benefit from these facilities.” At GSN, science teachers use the NGSS science standards, in which students learn how to plan and carry out investigations, inquire into scientific phenomena, analyze, and interpret data, and gain the skills necessary to solve problems using the scientific method.

I consider Georgia to be my second home! I look forward to a wonderful and exciting academic year of growth, lots of learning, and student achievement. I’ll do my best to help students succeed and shine! We are Georgia!

GSN’s Primary School Coordinator, Ms. Su Fernandes
 1043-img4-Welcome-back-gsn-lions Welcome Back GSN Lions

It is so wonderful to see the excited looks on the faces of students and staff alike. We have a strong and diverse teaching team joining us from across the world to be part of our GSN community. We look forward to getting everyone back into school life and to encouraging students to try new things, have better friendships, and achieve new levels of success. This is going to be an amazing year!

GSN’s Secondary School Coordinator Mr. Daniel Viccars
 1043-img5-Welcome-back-gsn-lions Welcome Back GSN Lions

We are excited about the school year 2022-2023! When the situation permits, all parents will be invited to attend a parent orientation meeting, in which they will learn more about the school’s curriculum, what to expect and how to assist. At Georgia, we value every student according for their unique abilities and talents and we provide the optimal conditions for their ongoing growth and enrichment.  Georgia students are, strong in academics and strong in character.

GSN’s Head of School, Mr. Cavon Ahangarzadeh 

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