The Organizations and Partners Helping to Fuel Laurel Springs’ Mission

At Laurel Springs, our mission extends beyond empowering students with personalized, premium education. We also strive to help students evolve into well-rounded individuals equipped with the necessary skills they need to succeed in their career, social environments, and life itself. One way we achieve this is through partnerships with top-tier organizations that not only align with our vision and purpose, but also stand as some of the most trusted and exclusive offerings out there.

Because our student body at Laurel Springs is wonderfully diverse in background, passions, talents, academic interests, and learning requirements, it’s extremely important to us that our curriculum anticipates their individualized needs and values. Every child deserves access to platforms and systems that help further support them on their journey to both academic success and self-discovery. Here’s a closer look at some of the incredible organizations that help us take Laurel Springs’ curriculum and programming to the next level.

Forte Lessons: The Most Trusted Brand in Online Music Lessons

At the heart of a premium education lies a robust arts program. Forte brings a virtual world of musical knowledge right to our students’ fingertips. Recognized and verified by the esteemed Royal College of Music and the organization behind the GRAMMYS®, The Recording Academy, Forte connects Laurel Springs students with teachers from the acclaimed Aspen Music Festival and School based on their skill level, goals, and musical interests. Whether it’s mastering a particular instrument or developing their songwriting skills, Laurel Springs’ full-time students gain access to unparalleled music education no matter where they’re located. An Added Layer of On-demand Support

Every student’s learning journey is unique. When one individual requests support in the mathematics department, another may be struggling with history. Recognizing this, our Laurel Springs teachers are dedicated to and passionate about providing personalized support to students when and where needed. However, we also understand that sometimes students might need an extra boost outside of a teacher’s hours or in a specific area of study. That’s why we teamed up with This partnership provides our full-time students with 24/7 access to over 3,000 expert tutors across 250+ subjects, offering that added layer of personalized, on-demand support so every student feels like they have the resources they need to succeed.

WorldStrides: Educational Travel and Educational Tours Abroad

The world itself is a giant classroom! There’s no better way to learn than by immersing yourself in different cultures. WorldStrides makes this possible for our students by offering life-changing travel experiences that encourage personal growth and world discovery. From reliving history in Washington, D.C. to embarking on an educational trip across Switzerland and Amsterdam, WorldStrides helps us ensure our students can learn from hands-on, real-life experiences.

College-level Learning with Baylor and Syracuse Universities

Eligible students can get a taste of college-level curriculum even before they start that personal journey thanks to our partnerships with Baylor and Syracuse Universities! Through Laurel Springs dual enrollment, full-time 11th and 12th grade students and 9-12 Academy students can take college-level courses for college credit while also equipping themselves with the skills and maturity needed for life beyond secondary school. Furthermore, the Laurel Springs Gap Year Program presents postgraduate students with the opportunity to expand their academic portfolio, familiarize themselves with college-level coursework, and explore potential majors or career paths through Baylor and Syracuse. This unique Laurel Springs offering not only gives these students a competitive edge during college admissions but also eases their transition from high school to college.

Virtual Internships: Global Exposure from Home

Our Gap Year students can also take advantage of one-of-a-kind remote internships through our collaboration with Virtual Internships – an organization that partners with 13,000 companies in more than 80 countries to provide students with unique real-world opportunities. In doing so, students gain invaluable professional experience, make meaningful global connections, and guarantee their readiness for their industry of choice post-graduation.

Naviance: Preparing for the Next Step

Another benefit our full-time 9-12th grade students and 6-12 Academy students have access to is Naviance, a comprehensive college and career-readiness platform that promotes self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation. With access to this tool as part of our required grade-level Seminar courses and with assistance from the Laurel Springs Counseling Department, students receive an enhanced college and career-planning experience while also identifying the strengths and skills that set them apart for college admissions. By streamlining the college preparation and admissions process, Naviance serves as a one-stop solution for our students’ future aspirations.

Harvard Academies: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

We are proud to partner with Harvard Academies – a Harvard undergraduate-led program that offers Laurel Springs Academy students opportunities to engage in on-campus or virtual teaching sessions covering the career fields of business, medicine, government, coding, and more. Taught by dedicated Harvard students, these pre-professional programs are an incredible way for our Academy students to gain exposure to esteemed college-level learning and various career paths. And, it’s all FREE for Academy students! Harvard Academies is yet another wonderful example of how we aim to invest in our students from every angle.

We are so much more than an online private school. We are an ever-expanding global community enriched by amazing partnerships with organizations who are also committed to student growth and development. These collaborations aren’t only about enhancing our curriculum and programming – they’re about equipping our students with meaningful life skills, broadening their horizons, and preparing them for success in the rapidly evolving 21st-century world. As we continue our journey, we’re so excited about the future of Laurel Springs, and know that our students – backed by these incredible partnerships – are set on the path to greatness.

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