Team and Individual Sports Return, a Big Part of the AIS-Salzburg Culture

The AIS-Salzburg Lions have not had a match since February of 2020; therefore, for this school year we will be entering in more competitions than any previous school year, starting with boys’ and girls’ volleyball and boys’ soccer in the fall. 

 664-img1-Team-and-individual-sports-return-ais-salzburg Team and Individual Sports Return, a Big Part of the AIS-Salzburg Culture

As part of their membership in the Danube Valley Athletic Conference (DVAC), the Lions will participate in the fall mid-season festivals in September / early October for both volleyball and soccer as well as the season end tournaments in November. The DVAC fall schedule also includes a cross-country competition. Participation in these events often includes overnight travel to central hubs for DVAC schools such as Budapest or Vienna. All long-distance travel for tournaments is coupled with a cultural experience the day before the tournament.

The trips to tournaments are always popular amongst the students and are something I look forward to every year. Since our school is the furthest west in DVAC, we tend to be more of a travel team, which is fine by us. It is a chance for the kids to get away for a couple of days and experience another city while competing alongside one another.

David Burns, Athletic Director and Coach
 664-img2-Team-and-individual-sports-return-ais-salzburg Team and Individual Sports Return, a Big Part of the AIS-Salzburg Culture
AIS-Salzburg Lions Soccer Team 2018-2019

DVAC was founded in 2009 and currently consists of 16 international schools spanning Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Competitions in both team and individual sports are scheduled over the course of three seasons: fall, winter and spring. Competitions are scheduled at the middle school, junior varsity, varsity and high school levels.

The winter season is primarily basketball, although there is a single swim competition annually. In the spring, students who are interested can participate in track and field, tennis and golf competitions.

 664-img3-Team-and-individual-sports-return-ais-salzburg Team and Individual Sports Return, a Big Part of the AIS-Salzburg Culture
DVAC Girls’ Basketball in Budapest 2019

Outside of DVAC competitions, AIS-Salzburg schedules regular friendship matches with neighboring international schools such as St. Gilgen International School, Bavarian International School, Munich International School, Augsburg International School and on occasion AIS-Vienna and Vienna International School.

 664-img4-Team-and-individual-sports-return-ais-salzburg Team and Individual Sports Return, a Big Part of the AIS-Salzburg Culture
Friendly volleyball game vs Augsburg International School in 2018

We are also excited to finally host our 30th annual Boys’ and Girls’ Invitational Basketball Jamboree, which had been cancelled the past two school years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This tournament features six boys’ teams and six girls’ teams from international schools around central Europe and is the highlight of the year for many of the basketball teams that make the trip annually. In addition to our basketball Jamboree, AIS-Salzburg will host an invitational boys’ and girls’ volleyball jamboree in late October and hope to make it an annual tournament as well. The video below illustrates what makes our annual basketball jamboree so special.

AIS Salzburg Boys and Girls Basketball Jamboree

In the past, our teams have entered tournaments around Europe outside of DVAC, including destinations as far away as London. Our coaching staff is encouraged and supported to enter their teams in tournaments provided there is enough interest. 

“Some of my favorite experiences as a coach have been on our trips to London to play international schools there,” said Burns reflecting back. “This school year we will be looking to expand our sports travel program and enter into more tournaments at new destinations with our teams.”

 664-img5-Team-and-individual-sports-return-ais-salzburg Team and Individual Sports Return, a Big Part of the AIS-Salzburg Culture
Coach Burns with his basketball team in Budapest in January of 2015 

For students who want to continue to develop in a certain sports discipline of which we do not offer a high level of instruction, we do our best to accommodate them by finding local instructors (at their expense). 

Costs involved with competitions can run extremely high and therefore students who participate in a team sport –the bulk of the overall expense– are charged a €100 membership fee per sport to help offset the costs. Students who participate in overnight tournaments and are responsible for their hotel and food expenses. The school covers all transportation expenses –typically train or chartered bus– to tournaments and friendly matches as well as all costs associated with hosting sporting events such as referees and facility expenses. 

Students who are interested in participating in team or individual sporting competitions for the upcoming school year are encouraged to reach out to Athletic Director, David Burns, with any questions. You can reach him via email at

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