SSIS Holds the First Elementary Literacy Day

SSIS marked a significant milestone in its literacy journey by hosting the first Elementary Literacy Day. The event took place on Thursday, December 7th, and was open to all friends and families of the SSIS community, attracting over 300 parents and visitors.

Elementary Literacy Day was a celebration of learning, with a particular focus on reading, writing, and language from the youngest learners to Grade 5. The day was full with activities designed to showcase the literacy skills of the students.

Step into the Classroom

Parents were invited to join classroom observations, giving them firsthand experience of the daily literacy strategies in action. This opportunity provided valuable insights into how these strategies work in practice and allowed parents to witness the dynamic interactions between students and teachers during the learning process.

Engaging Literacy Workshops

The event also offered a series of teacher-led workshops, each focusing on a different aspect of literacy education. Topics covered in these workshops included Phonics, Guided Reading, Helping EAL (English as an Additional Language) students both at home and school, Patterns of Power, etc. These workshops aimed to deepen the understanding of the pedagogical strategies SSIS employs in teaching literacy.

Engaging Literacy Workshops Engaging Literacy Workshops SSIS Holds the First Elementary Literacy Day

Showcasing writing projects and Performance

Another key feature was the Writing Projects Showcase. This exhibit displayed a full continuum of student writing, highlighting the growth and progress from the youngest to the oldest writers. From small moments and poetry to opinion pieces, storytelling, informational writing, and persuasive compositions… the showcase celebrated the diversity and depth of our students’ written expressions.

Students also showcased their literacy skills on the theatre stage, engaging in writing, reading, speaking, singing, and listening activities. A debate, one of the highlights of the day, was hosted by the school’s fifth graders. They exhibited their research and writing prowess, addressing important topics such as the environmental impact of plastic and the effectiveness of homework in student success.

Showcasing writing projects and Performance Showcasing writing projects and Performance SSIS Holds the First Elementary Literacy Day

At the same time, Parents had the opportunity to seek guidance from teacher experts on topics such as “Electronic Resources,” “EAL Assessments” “Writing Assessment”, and “Reading Assessment.” These sessions provided valuable tips on how parents can support their child’s literacy learning process at home.
SSIS is incredibly proud of the accomplishments of its students and extends its gratitude to parents for their continuous support. The school is committed to fostering a love for learning within its community. The successful Elementary Literacy Day is just one of the many more educational events SSIS looks forward to hosting in the future.



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