Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong Official Opening Ceremony

Hong Kong, 25th October 2018 – Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam recently presided over the opening ceremonies for Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, the newest addition to Hong Kong’s world-class education facilities for primary school children.

Top British school reinforces Hong Kong’s excellence in education
Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong is located in the Tseung Kwan O District of Hong Kong and offers a range of specialist facilities for children between the ages of 3 and 11.  It is a sister school of Shrewsbury School in the United Kingdom, which was established by Royal Charter in 1552.  Shrewsbury School in the UK is one of the original nine ‘Great Schools’ of Britain* and has a tradition of excellence reaching to the time of the great British monarch Elizabeth I who supported its development and expansion to become one of the finest schools in Britain.
Chief Executive for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mrs. Carrie Lam said, “The presence of international schools in Hong Kong is important, not only for quality and diverse education but also for Hong Kong’s economic development. We have government schools, government-aided schools, direct subsidy schools, and international schools here, providing wide choices for locals and those from overseas”.

shrewbury-i-s-opening-ceremony-01 shrewbury-i-s-opening-ceremony-03 Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong Official Opening Ceremony

A Dynamic and Ambitious Teaching Team

Mr. Ben Keeling, the Principal of Shrewsbury Hong Kong, said, “We are delighted to have enjoyed a fantastic start to our inaugural school year and have been thrilled by the generous feedback we have received. Parents have spoken with enormous confidence about the relationships shared and the incredible range of opportunities available. These key aspirations have been well supported through the successful development of a purpose-built facility and the careful appointment of a dynamic and ambitious teaching team. Our specialist focus upon primary education is neatly complemented by specialist programmes for physical education, the performing arts and music, and a bespoke signature programme for Chinese language. Perhaps most importantly, our students are happy, engaged and highly motivated.”

Outstanding People and Striking Infrastructure and Facilities

Our commitment to Shrewsbury Hong Kong is represented in the outstanding people and striking infrastructure and facilities for the age groups of children in our care.  It is very reassuring to be developing this wonderful school based on standards and values from the UK that have stood the test of time and deep knowledge of the South-East Asian context. The group of Shrewsbury schools across Asia are renowned for their quality and are changing the lives of students and teachers.  We are delighted to welcome our Hong Kong school to this community of learning. Already, I can feel the confidence this brings to all of the students, parents, teachers and school leaders at Shrewsbury Hong Kong.”

shrewbury-i-s-opening-ceremony-01 shrewbury-i-s-opening-ceremony-02 Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong Official Opening Ceremony

Meet the Principal and Tour the Campus

The school provides an opportunity to meet with the Principal and tour the campus every week on Tuesday at 10:00 am. For further information about how you might join the school community please contact the Admissions team via For further information, please contact: Jane Arghabhadra at

*The nine ‘Great Schools’ of Britain are: Shrewsbury School, Charterhouse School, Eton College, Harrow School, Rugby School, Westminster School, Winchester College, St. Paul’s School and Merchant Taylors’ School.

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