Science Fair at H-FARM International School

Last month, H-FARM International School hosted the Science Fair at the Hill, our school’s library. MYP 1, 2, and 3 students showcased their impressive science projects during this event, which brought together students, teachers, and parents to celebrate their hard work.

The fair featured a variety of interesting projects, including studies in genetics, taste perception, and respiratory health. Students conducted experiments to extract DNA from fruits and discovered that strawberries had the most DNA due to their delicate cells.

One project focused on the impact of colours on our sense of taste. Through taste tests, students found that girls perceived red and pink as sweeter, while boys preferred orange and yellow. This demonstrated the influence of visual perception on our taste experiences.

In another project centred around the human body, students investigated how lung capacity changes with age. Using water, jars, hoses, and mouthpieces, they measured lung capacity in different age groups. The findings emphasised the importance of maintaining healthy lungs, with optimal lung capacity typically observed around the age of 25.

The Science Fair held at the Hill, the main building on the H-FARM campus, was a resounding success. It provided our young students with an opportunity to showcase their amazing projects and ignited enthusiasm for science among all attendees.

We were truly impressed by the students’ creativity, passion, and curiosity. Each project demonstrated their willingness to learn more about the world and raised questions that we hadn’t even considered.

At our school, we believe in equipping students with the necessary tools to explore the world of science. Our innovative approach aims to go beyond books and theory by providing practical experiences, enabling students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations.

Research has shown that engaging in science projects benefits students of all ages, fostering skills such as problem-solving, planning, and goal-setting. It also nurtures their curiosity, encouraging them to ask new questions about the world.

Passion for science truly comes alive when students have first hand experiences and, as a school, is our responsibility to make sure to give them the opportunity and the freedom of discovering new things and have the courage to question even the most commonly held beliefs.

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