Revise Your Revision at Greene’s College Oxford

Revision needn’t be dull.

Revision (n.) ‘The act of looking over again, re-examination and correction. From Latin revidēre ‘to see again’.

At Greene’s College Oxford, our tutors understand the need to ‘see again’ – and they know what it takes to succeed. We actively involve you in the process of learning, so recollection is the unlocking of your knowledge, not a painful process of remembering. That’s our speciality.

Your revision – our expertise.

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Greene’s College Oxford

Greene’s College Oxford

Greene’s offers a full-time, university-style sixth form education, both in Oxford, England and in Estoril, Portugal – with academic oversight resting with the Oxford college. In Portugal, Greene’s is the first tutorial college and the foremost sixth form college in the Lisbon area. At Greene’s, students are taught and supervised by our outstanding educators and academics, all trained to deliver the very best education, and to guide students towards the highest grades – while maintaining the greatest regard for student welfare and wellbeing.

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