Prosperity Tossing at Kingsley’s Residential Hall

Boarders and staff at the Residential Hall, Maple Leaf Kingsley International School welcomed and celebrated the Chinese New Year together by wishing everyone good health and wealth, a bright and successful year ahead! 

The boarders diligently prepared the ingredients and assembled the prosperity toss salad known as Yee Sang in Cantonese under the guidance of the boarding staff. This activity brought team work, unity and togetherness amongst the boarders. 

The Yee Sang is basically a salad dish, comprising raw fish, pickled vegetables, special sauce, seasoning and other colourful condiments. When ready, everyone gleefully gathers around the dish to toss it (Lo Hei) as high as possible using chopsticks while wishing for luck, prosperity and all good things to happen in the coming year. 

The Chinese Lunar New Year is an annual festival where many traditions culminate from exchanging of oranges to the receiving of red packets and more. Still, as far as the Chinese New Year goes, the iconic lo-hei toss remains at the helm of all things festive. 

Lo-hei or prosperity toss, is something that we’ve grown fond of. A vibrantly colourful centrepiece dish comprising various elements, each boasting its own unique flavour and meaning behind it, the lo-hei is always the first order of business at any family gathering. 

“Lo Hei”, in Cantonese literally translates to “tossing up good fortune”, and it refers to the ritual adopted in Malaysia that involves a group of people gathered around a massive plate, tossing its contents violently while saying out auspicious phrases before eating it—it is popularly believed that the higher the toss, the better your prospects and fortune in the year ahead. 


  • Carrots – Represents good luck.
  • Green Radish – Represents eternal youth.
  • WhiteRadish–Representsgoodjobopportunitiesinthecomingyear.
  • Raw Fish – symbolises abundance and prosperity.
  • Pomelo – Represents luck.
  • Crushed Peanuts – Is a sign that your home will be filled with many valuable possessions.
  • Sesame Seeds – Represent the hope that your business will flourish.
  • Golden Crackers – Symbolises wealth.
  • Plum Sauce – A key component that binds the salad together, it represents stronger ties among family and friends.
  • Pepper & Cinnamon Powder – signify the wish for wealth
  • Oil – Often drizzled onto the salad in a circular motion rather than poured over. This is to symbolise that money will come from all directions.

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