Preventing Bullying the Right Way

This is another year when we stand together and reach out to prevent the bullying phenomenon and diminish such situations happening in our school. As we discover, not all approaches to bullying prevention are equally effective. Most bullying prevention programs focus on raising awareness of the problem and administering consequences.

We are looking at creating a positive and safe environment for our students, to help them feel heard, to allow them to contribute to a positive school atmosphere and practicing their social interests together with their peers and teachers.

For this year, we have had various activities happening throughout the school, visitors from external specialised organisations, which also included actions put into practice through games and exercises, extended peer discussions to help us understand how and why bullying happens.

Students at King`s Oak British International School have made us immensely proud through their involvement and knowledge related to this widespread phenomenon called bullying.

Change happens through the power of the group, therefore continuing to create and sustain a positive school climate, supporting social and emotional learning, could be the key to understanding and addressing bullying in an efficient manner with long lasting beneficial effects.

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Kings Oak British International Bucharest

Kings Oak British International Bucharest

King`s Oak British International School, Bucharest, is an inspiring and creative school which takes children from 12 months old up to 16 years old. A truly international school with pupils from over 30 nationalities learning together.

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