Playing and its importance in fine and gross motor skill development

Playtime is essential for children’s fine and gross motor skill development. Through playing, children learn to regulate and coordinate major body movements, known as gross motor skills, as well as little muscle movements, known as fine motor abilities.

Many of a child’s daily actions, such as dressing, opening a lunchbox, and using a pencil, require the use of fine motor skills. These abilities, which require coordinated efforts between their fingers, hands, and eyes, begin when only a newborn with clutching a rattle and the raking finger grasp and progress to more complicated abilities like wielding scissors, using a computer mouse, and even playing a musical instrument.

These abilities are essential in most educational tasks as well as in everyday life. Fine motor skill deficiencies can impair a child’s ability to eat, write legibly, operate a computer, flip pages in a book, and complete personal care duties like as dressing and grooming.

At King`s Oak British International, fine motor skills will develop in your kid through everyday actions and playtime, age related activities that include grabbing, gripping, and pressing. They will also develop their pincer grasp through feeding, play, and eventually dressing themselves.

As your kid develops and improves their fine motor abilities, they will progress to more advanced ones. They will learn to tie their shoes, button their clothes, use scissors, write their name, open and lock plastic baggies, put a straw in a juice box, and open their lunchbox, among other things.

Orange Class children practiced their fine motor skills whilst playing with soft coloured pasta and tweezers, fitting pegs into boards and putting cheerios cereals on long spaghetti. It was great fun!

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Kings Oak British International Bucharest

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