Personalised learning at BIS Abu Dhabi

For The British International School Abu Dhabi, academically supporting our students is crucial. But we don’t just ensure their success in the classroom, we personalise their journey with us to enhance their entire learning experience. 

Our approach to education at The British International School Abu Dhabi is holistic, and ensures our students leave our school with everything they need to achieve after graduation – whatever they choose to be or do in life. 

 925-img1-Personalised-learning-at-bis-abu-dhabi Personalised learning at BIS Abu Dhabi

How does personalised learning play a role?  

Our teachers are committed to discovering and exploring what resonates with each individual student, from their academic interests and aspirations for the future, to their hobbies and passions outside the classroom. By learning what ‘normal’ behaviour is for our students, our teachers encourage them towards pathways where they’ll thrive, and offer additional support along parts of the journey they may find more challenging. Every student is on a different learning journey and has many factors influencing their progress, and by closely monitoring this journey, our teachers can personalise their approach to keep progress moving in a positive direction.  

Knowing our students on an individual basis also gives our teachers insights into the things that are impacting different year levels or social groups. For example, if using social media is particularly prominent in one year group, lesson plans may be tailored to include how to use it healthily. It means that at The British International School Abu Dhabi, we never simply teach ‘off the shelf’ material; we are consistently shaping our teaching to topics that matter. 

 925-img2-Personalised-learning-at-bis-abu-dhabi Personalised learning at BIS Abu Dhabi

Similarly, we appreciate that world issues will impact every student differently, particularly within a school with such a culturally diverse community; it would be unrealistic to expect our students to respond in the same way academically, emotionally and socially. Our relationship with our students individually means we can recognise when there are issues that need to be addressed. We can open up the conversation and help students to process what’s happening for them. We frequently incorporate topics around culture, world news and debate into our teaching so that our students feel supported through big conversations and can discuss them in a positive environment. 

Our approach to personalised learning creates an emotionally and socially secure school environment for students to feel safe and supported to reach their full potential. Visit our website for more information on how our teachers help our students achieve their best. 

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The British International School Abu Dhabi offers a welcoming family community with the highest quality learning opportunities as part of our Global Campus. At The British International School Abu Dhabi, your child will grow as a confident, caring individual, whilst developing the skills and attitudes required to be successful in our constantly evolving international world.

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