Pedagogical and Entrepreneurial Landscapes at Kingsley

Maple Leaf Kingsley International school has built a reputation for being a diverse and vibrant school, representing the strength and diversity of the Malaysian Community. Through purposeful educational experiences, teachers nurture and challenge students to become resilient, respectful, and committed young people who make a positive contribution to the school and their community.

Student learning and achievement is at the core of everything we do at our school. We have a strong sense of community as teachers, support staff, parents, carers, and community organizations work together to support and develop our students. Our dedicated teachers are united in the belief that all students can learn to high levels and we are committed to building a collaborative and positive learning community that embodies the school values of respect, responsibility, and resilience.

 466_imgg1_Pedagogical-entrepreneurial-landscapes-at-kingsley Pedagogical and Entrepreneurial Landscapes at Kingsley | World Schools
Gavel Club Activities in action

Our academically rigorous program is complemented by a broad range of languages, fine arts, athletic and service-learning opportunities designed to develop balance, deepen connections, and uncover true learning potential. Our pedagogical approach focuses on developing the skill-sets our students need to be successful in the 21st century. We haven’t replaced the 3 Rs. Instead, we’ve embedded them within the context of the 4 Cs: critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Our teachers encourage intellectual curiosity, foster creativity, and inspire the pursuit of excellence in ways that define what a world-class, future-oriented education should be. They couple high expectations for success with relentless care and support – hallmarks of outstanding instructional practice. By doing this, our students become critical thinkers. They are global citizens equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to gain acceptance at the best colleges and universities in the world and to excel in the next set of challenges and opportunities that await them.

What sets us apart is that we are preparing our students for a world that does not exist. They start here to work on the jobs and areas that might not have been invented. We believe our teenagers should be the entrepreneurs of their own future and for that reason, we cannot afford to teach them only using the instructional experiences of the past instead, an illustration of the case of would-be we teach our students the bare and untapped necessities of the modern world.

 466_img2_Pedagogical-entrepreneurial-landscapes-at-kingsley Pedagogical and Entrepreneurial Landscapes at Kingsley | World Schools
Gavel Club Activities in action

As you know teenagers are often more comfortable communicating electronically than speaking face to face nowadays. Yet many events in teenagers’ lives require interpersonal communication skills to be resolved successfully. Now, more than ever, they need guidance in developing their communication skills; hence, in MLKIS students are immersed in learning by participating in the Gavel club to be given as an instance and in this, they learn to:

  • Overcome nervousness when speaking before an audience.
  • Organize and present ideas logically and convincingly.
  • Listen carefully to others’ ideas.
  • Participate in and lead group discussions or meetings.
  • Offer advice to help others improve their speaking and leadership skills.

All these skills are necessary for earning a living in today’s competitive job market but are also essential for maintaining healthy personal relationships and achieving academic goals in middle & high school, as well as college.

 466_img3_Pedagogical-entrepreneurial-landscapes-at-kingsley Pedagogical and Entrepreneurial Landscapes at Kingsley | World Schools
Gavel Club Activities in action

What further differentiates us from other International schools running the same program is having a multifaceted approach to the program, one of which is drama skills under the supervision of erudite facilitators, who have dedicated more of their academic life to equip students with interpersonal skills and the latter are the facilitators, whose job are to acquaint students with the communication and creativity skills with dynamic and kinaesthetic activities designed to expose pupils to cutting-edge teaching methodologies.

 466_img-alan_Pedagogical-entrepreneurial-landscapes-at-kingsley Pedagogical and Entrepreneurial Landscapes at Kingsley | World Schools

Written by Kingsley’s A-Level & RMIT English Cambridge & IELTS Certified Trainer Dr. Alan Boudaghi (Ph.D. in TESOL)

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