Online School: The Flexible Solution for Last-Minute International Moves

Preparing to move your family overseas can take months, but what happens when life doesn’t afford you the luxury of time? If you’re moving to a new country at short notice, online school could be the perfect option for your child.

Unexpected job offers, military restationing, diplomatic obligations, and more — whatever the reason for your last-minute move, it’s never easy finding the perfect school on a time crunch. Choosing a school where your child can thrive is difficult enough at the best of times, especially with so much variation in teaching and examination standards around the world. When you need to make the right call with little notice, this stress only mounts higher.

Thankfully, there is a solution that brings students high-quality education anywhere in the world, no matter how quickly they need it: online schooling. Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons why online education is the ideal flexible solution for families moving abroad unexpectedly.

Fast Enrolment

From researching options to touring campuses, whittling down a shortlist of international schools can take weeks. When you factor in the admissions process, this timeline only grows longer. Typically, it takes quite some time for a school to review your application, assess your documentation, and arrange an interview. Worse still, even after your registration has been approved, the best schools often have months-long waiting lists. The longer this admissions process continues, the longer your child spends without much-needed education.

Online schools, on the other hand, can get students enrolled and in lessons far more swiftly — sometimes within just days. Since online schools can grow with their student base, places are always available, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

With everything you need to know available online and an admissions team on hand to answer any questions, you can even eliminate the lengthy task of touring schools. As long as you have a few days to spare, your child can make the seamless transition to online schooling before you even arrive in your new country.

Rewatchable Lessons

Diving into a new style of education at the start of a school year is challenging enough for students, but moving last-minute often means changing schools mid-year. Having a new curriculum to catch up with puts even greater stress on children moving overseas, especially when they don’t have time to adjust in advance.

Rewatchable lessons are another key perk of online schooling, preventing children from falling behind after a move. Many virtual schools record their live lessons, uploading them for viewing at any time. No matter when your child enrols, they’ll have access to everything they need to catch up with classes at their fingertips.

High-Quality Education

When you’re navigating an unfamiliar education system in a new country, searching for schools that meet your expectations can take longer than you might think. When you don’t have that time to spare, what’s the best way to find high-quality education that you can trust? One easy solution is to choose a school with a familiar, internationally recognized scheme of learning — for example, the British curriculum.

IGCSEs (International GCSEs) and A Levels are lauded by universities around the world, while the nation’s “key stage” system ensures exceptional learning throughout primary and secondary school. As such, international schools that follow the UK curriculum can be trusted to deliver a comprehensive, outstanding education that prepares students for the top universities and careers.

King’s InterHigh

At King’s InterHigh, the leading UK-based online school, students can enrol in just two days and learn from anywhere in the world. Highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers deliver each lesson live using proven methodology and innovative technologies, with all classes recorded and uploaded for 24/7 viewing to fit around your lifestyle.

For a school that revolves around you, where every student’s unique potential is nurtured and fulfilled, visit the King’s InterHigh website to discover online study options or discuss admissions.

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